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Thread: North West SR20 BBQ JUNE 18TH

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2011-08-13 04:04:47
i like when people bring up long dead posts just to start shit..

he's not a big forum person an just wanted to get everyones attention so maybe anyone in our area might come to the event..

but ya wrong section.. give the dude a break or ask a mod to move it an quit whining..

blackwater if this forums so terrible go back to G'net no ones holding a gun to your head making you be here
2011-08-13 04:20:55
Its funny when someone said this forum is like the honda forums, its nothing like the honda forums, 240 forums are like honda forums. I juust dont like that were getting honda kid attention now to the ser scene. BLEH!
2011-08-13 04:59:08
Will there be SPAM at this BBQ? I've never had it before
2011-08-13 05:45:48
Dude. Bro. I thought he was talking shit bout mormons. Geez. My parents are Mormon and I was offended.


But he was talking bout morons. Nobody was talking no shit bout nobody. Not never.

If you guys do want literature bout mormonism pls PM me.
2011-08-13 05:54:48
lol read it a little to quick eh? thats ok it happens lets just all take a chill pill
2011-08-13 05:55:51
I have lots of respect for mormons and some of my best friends growing up were LDS. Can we get a moderator to shut this thread down I dont want anymore bads words to be said here. I thought SR20DEEP members treated other members better then this. The dash is one of my favorite forums in this world and hope to continue to be a contributing member here. Please dont have me banned. please.

2011-08-13 05:57:56
lol like i said lets just take a chill pill.. no ones going to ban ya blackwater calm down but really boomsticks a newby an what do newbys do? post in the wrong section! heheh

but really the nissan/datsun blue lake event is awesome an everyone should come!
2011-08-13 06:00:02
Lynch420. Do you habe any tips on becoming SR20deep?
2011-08-13 06:01:37
OH by the way this event is on the 14th!! the newb posted the wrong date hah!

honestly i was asked by another member to join.. its kinda one of those things..

but some tips would be to help other sr20 members when an if you can, i've helped many local guys with their cars, gave them parts or rides to the middle of no where to get a se-r lol and i try to help on the forum as well an share my project with the community..
2011-08-13 06:05:09
Duly noted.
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