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Thread: I got a mouse squeak

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2011-05-21 00:14:31
I got a mouse squeak
Got a squeaking noise, when i hit bumps that sounds like a lil mouse. Motor mounts? Suspension? Bushings?
2011-05-21 00:22:00
if that bothers you wait till you upgrade motor mounts and exhaust and shit lol
2011-05-21 00:22:46
Lol. I just want to make sure nothings wrong, just started yesterday durring the hotter weather.
2011-05-21 00:24:55
could be body panels expanding from the heat and rubbing or flexing somewhere, could be struts, could be bushings, could be alot of things man.. i wouldnt stress it a whole lot..

does it come from the back or front?
2011-05-21 00:27:53
Grease up some bushings with WD40 or lithium grease...
... see what happens.
2011-05-21 00:28:45
Front, ill have to try that wayne.
The b14 loves to squeak, every 6 months i need to grease the damn door hinge or it makes this loud moaning sound lol.
2011-05-21 00:31:19
some times i wonder if things are wrong with my car, cause it use to be so smooth an soft.. then i remember all the suspension / motor mount upgrades ect an im like ooohhh yea its suppose to be this way lol..

its funny how that works, you upgrade things, yet the ride gets harsher.. ha!

but ya wayne has a good idea man.. hit them sway bars with some stuff..

could be the bump stops maybe too? i wouldn't put anything on them...

lets hope its not the shocks lol, im gonna come over an find out your wife strangled u cause u bought to much car stuff one of these days hehehe
2011-05-21 00:33:29
Shes put a cap on me. Im not allowed to spend anything more (that she knows of for a few months lol. Luckily im just seem to be leaking from the oil sending unit now, i didnt see any tranny fluid leak or power stearing, but i ran some stop leak shit through the power stearing so see hwo long that shit lasts.
2011-05-21 00:38:37
if we need to check or top off the trans let me know..

and i seriously doubt that the power steering is leaking from the copper washers.. i mean sure its possible.. but almost every nissan i've had in the air had a drop of fluid on the bottom of that power steering hose by the filter.. my moneys on the upper hoses.. been there done that if they arent perfect they leak

did we put new clamps on them hoses?? i remember them bein Very difficult to get to in your car for some reason..
2011-05-21 00:42:08
I think we put some.

Also i need you to look at my ac system and tighten stuff. The ac stopped working again so i put some more fluid in and the fucker started shooting out the pump lol. So something loosend up.
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