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Thread: Speed sensor question...

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2011-05-18 02:52:35
Speed sensor question...
I have a 91-92 harness is my 93 se-r. I know the easy way would be to get a 93 harness but its hard to find a clean harness plus I have a full tuck on my current harness that I spent time on. Is there a way I can run a wire from an electric speedo sensor to the cluster or ecu and have my speedo work? Any help appreciated!
2011-05-18 02:58:55
Yes you can from the speed sensor to your cluster.
2011-05-18 03:11:11
Good to know. I guess the search for which pin on the cluster is for speed signal. I am going to guess there is one ground and one signal wire coming off of the sensor itself.
2011-05-18 03:14:34
pull your cluster out. It doesnt have a plug to plug into speed sensor there already? Or coming out the firewall?
2011-05-18 03:18:08
On a 93 and up they are electric so they don't have a speedo cable. All thats back there are 3 or 4 plugs with multiple wires. Shouldn't be too hard just gotta find a wiring diagram.
2011-05-18 10:59:42
The pinout of that plug is as follows:


1 - Speed sensor positive (but doesn't really matter)
2 - Illumination (not sure whether positive or negative)
3 - Speed sensor negative (but doesn't really matter)
4 - Illumination clock
5 - Tachometer
6 - Illumination (not sure whether positive or negative)
7 - Ignition
8 - Temperature
9 - Fuel level
10 - Ground
11 - Speed signal to ECU
12 - Battery for clock (so the cluster can "remember" the time)

follow 1 & 3 to the 93 se-r harness and add the speedo cables there.
2011-05-18 11:22:52
The plug Ulysses means is the bottom black plug. So you need the red and green wire of the rightmost plug on the '93 cluster (or at least the one with the 6/4 configuration, image might be flipped horizontally, colors don't match!).
2011-05-18 11:31:11
Far right plug on the 93 harness Red and green wires are there. I finished 3 cluster swaps and all of them had red and green on the far right plug connecting it to the speed sensor.
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