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Thread: buzzing eccs relay

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2011-05-18 01:03:18
buzzing eccs relay
hey guys,

i went to the tuner to get my fuel/air ratio fixed during idle. he was already done with the tune and was starting to put the ecu back when the eccs relay started to buzz.

unfortunately it was almost night time and we couldn't troubleshoot the wiring issues at the shop. but here are the symptoms:

1. eccs relay buzzes when the car is turned off. once ignition is turned on (powering up fuel), the relay stops buzzing
2. when the ignition is at OFF position, the relay buzzes, so i remove the relay and plug it back in. sometimes it stops buzzing and other times it continues to buzz.
3. i changed relays and it does the same thing.

could it be a grounding issue? according to the schematic, it's pinout 4 which is the ECCS power. So why is it not shutting off all of a sudden?


2011-05-18 01:38:46
Well did you disconnect the battery before removing and installing the ECU. You are supposed to so you don't fry anything. The way you worded that sounds like power was still on. Hopefully it's nothing major. Good luck.
2011-05-21 14:20:30
anyone with ideas?
2011-05-22 20:10:44
You have any luck finding the issue?
2011-05-22 20:32:33
my 92 g20 does this sometimes when i use my spare key, doesn't really do it when i use the "infiniti" key..
2011-05-22 20:57:48
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
my 92 g20 does this sometimes when i use my spare key, doesn't really do it when i use the "infiniti" key..

That's weird man. Talk about picky. lol. They didn't use transponder chips back then right?
2011-05-22 21:13:52
dont think so..
2011-05-22 21:22:56
That happened to me once, turned out to be water on my ECU. I routed an alarm cable puncturing the OEM Main Harness rubber plug (the one that enters the cabin close to the ECU-This was on a P11 though). I washed the car and the new cable passed right above the ECU, water went though the cable and started dripping above it. I had to resolder some conections inside the ECU and it was all good again. The buzzing relay was behaving just as you describe on you problem

Good luck
2011-05-25 03:17:27
well today i was working on the car. turned out my alternator went bad as well. so i replaced the alternator and double checked the wiring of the ecu harness and the eccs relay. pushed in the wires (possibly got loose from tugging it out of the floor). after that the buzzing stopped. so i'm thinking one of the ecu wire plugs got loose. problem solved for now.
2011-05-25 03:31:41
cool man. glad ya got it fixed.
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