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Thread: MPG??? B chassis

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2011-05-23 20:04:19
i have yet to test it after the rest of the exhaust got put on, and the new suspension and other shit..
2011-05-23 20:21:43
i'm thinking about replacing my Fuel Tank and Complete Fuel Lines..!! What you guys think ??? 219xxx clocked in on chassis.
2011-05-23 20:57:03
dont fix it if it aint broke..
2011-05-23 21:37:54
ohhhh!! Forgot 2 mention, the 200 miles to the tank, was with AC on for 3 days out of 6.
2011-05-23 22:29:31
Originally Posted by justin2386
i got 31mpg in my b14 delivery driving..(read: hard city driving)

..just sayin..

Well of course, you got a GA monster in there
2011-05-26 00:53:00
Ok guys, im at about 165miles into my 10gal costco fill up and still have a bit more than quarter tank. Now, since my last fill up, this week ive done about 65% city driving and 35% hwy driving. I know this might not justify my costco gas fill up test, because on my 200mi per tank was with 80% city driving and 20% hwy, but it was still worth a shot! So far, so good. Ill report back with the final outcome.
2011-06-02 22:11:35
Originally Posted by Nathan_Barstow
I wish I had a Costco near my area. The best gas I have access to is Sunoco or BP around here. My average is 19-20mpg. I can't figure out why, I have my AFR's tuned to be pretty conservative at cruise, and tried the spark plug mods that Vadim has in the How-To sections (indexed, and side-gapped). It's probably my lead foot, and the ITB's making it hard to stay outta boost

A few pages back, it was pointed out that the NX should have a 13.2g gas tank, as per a few car info sites. I ran my tank completely dry last week till it wouldn't start. Put in maybe .5g in to get it started to get down the street to the gas station about 5 miles from my house, and filled it all the way up. I put in 10.5g. I still swear the NX does not have a 13.2g tank. No possible way! I know Ameen felt the same way, anyone else agree? And I only got 21-22mpg (~215 miles to the tank). It sucks... but now that I'm breaking in this new clutch and staying out of boost right now it's doing a little better. We'll see in a few days. Just food for thought.

x2.. My b13 started running out of gas as soon as I pulled in to a gas station and when I put gas it only took 10.5 or so gallons (I have it written down, can go and look lol) just yesterday I filled up my new b14 for the firs time and as soon as the gas light came on I put gas... 11.4 gallons. No way in hell the nx and b13 have 13.2 gallon tanks lol
2011-06-03 07:07:45
i'm lucky to get 200 miles from a full tank...but i REALLY like boost
i have yet to get more than just over 10 gallons in my car either
2011-06-03 14:07:26
I just took a trip back home and I got 35.4 MPG my best yet.
b13 JDM de ssac header 2. 1/4 inch exhaust k&n cone filter no egr
2011-06-03 14:45:40
I just hit 25mpg for the first time in my car since the rebuild. New high score! lol
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