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Thread: Can the crank gear go on two ways or just one? (Dont want to have timing out 180 deg)

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2011-04-22 03:45:08
Can the crank gear go on two ways or just one? (Dont want to have timing out 180 deg)
Anyone know? I had to replace my crank gear and I didnt think to look and see which way I put it on. Which way should it be?
2011-04-22 03:50:30
Its keyed, you cant put it on wrong.
2011-04-22 03:54:45
yeah its keyed. when you sending my gps back son. i may be going t bmore in 2 weeks or so let me know pm me. why dou have it apart down there
2011-04-22 03:58:53
I had to swap the head out cause it broke a rocker arm. So I took everything else apart to check also. Crank gear and oil pump were damaged along with the chain breaking and the head getting a valve damaged. The block looked perfect and the pistons had no signs of detonation. Should be good now that its all swapped out. Ill get it out as soon as this car is back up Dave. Promise.

Also the crank is keyed. But the gear looks like it can go on two ways. 180 deg from each other. Let me go look again though.
2011-04-22 04:12:12
am i high?? I swear I thought it could go on both ways.
2011-04-22 04:36:30
Are you high? hahahahaha
2011-04-22 12:52:00
if you think it goes on 2 ways take a pic and post it, my high buddie
2011-04-22 13:02:45
This picture might help you decide which way to put it on (if you've accidentally flipped it and can't decide which way to put it on). The oil pump drive collar butts up against the sprocket teeth. There is no gap between them. I think there is more material on the other side so if you'd flipped it there would be a decent gap here.

I know you're talking about rotating it 180 degrees, but just in case.

Last edited by BenFenner on 2011-04-22 at 18-18-03.
2011-04-22 17:21:30
LOL yeah it seems it can only go on one way. I was definately tipsy last night. But I thought about that before I even got to that point. I havent taken one of these motors apart in a loooong looooong time!

Its cheaper and worth more to just buy another motor normally. But this block is built and only the head got messed up

...and thanks Ben. I got that part right since I took it off my old crank and slapped it on my new one. I dont know why I thought it could be turned 180deg's out:o. Crack kills
Last edited by Johnny wangwang on 2011-04-22 at 17-24-45.
2011-04-22 17:35:14
The sprocket only has a dot on one side that is supposed to be to align the chain up. The dot needs to face outwards of course. You can reverse it to where the dot is facing inward but that would be retarded and it wont seat right against the crank. so yeah you cant really go wrong in it. lol. Its childs play.
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