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Thread: Weird stuff happening after swap.

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2011-03-24 01:56:13
Weird stuff happening after swap.
Ok. First I will state that I did a Lowport swap in my NX. It was pretty straight forward. Having a few issues still. Worked out the others. The only more serious mods is just S4 cams with I/H/E all else stock. I have become pretty knowledgeable about SR20s since I've been tinkering on mine and a few others. Plus reading tons on the forum. I'd just like a few fresh ideas of opinions on this stuff. Thanks for looking.
I checked codes and got 11 and 34. I changed my Dizzy and cleared codes and all good for that one. The 34 has been there forever. I believe my knock sensor harness is bad. I replaced the sensor a few months ago and it did not help.
I can't get it into timing mode even though I did it with the old engine before the swap. Can't figure out why? PITA
The oil light flickers sometimes just for a second and the engine sometimes stalls when it does that.
I believe my timing tensioner is on its way out. The chain ticks the top chain guide periodically at idle. It will be replaced soon though, and the top guide removed. I'm just heard about the delete on that one, lol.
No more than 2.5-3 months ago I flushed my fuel system out with seafoam and it did wonders. It cleaned everything spotless. My varnished fuel sender finally started working. lol. I changed the fuel filter soon after that because all of the trash that came from the tank. But mow I just checked my fuel pressure and it reads 37 at idle, which its factory spec IIRC, but it will spike to 46(factory spec again) then drop to 28psi just after it goes up at about 1/3-1/2 throttle. The vacuum line to the reg. is new, and it responds to manifold pressure changes. The diaphragm may well be bad in the regulator though. I have one spare I will swap to see if it works. It could be the filter, regulator, or pump? Got a spare pump too. A friend is giving me a walbro 255 though. Is an adjustable regulator required to run one of those on a more or less stockish setup?
I do have JWT S4's in though. IDK if it will make that much of a difference with fuel consumption though? When i first start it I will have to feather the throttle to fire it up, but it's good after that. It gets boggy and sputters if I punch it to WOT, but it's not as bad if I slowly give it throttle. The TPS it spot on, and my maf has a good ground. I'm going to clean the hotwire on it as well. Wouldn't hurt I suppose.
2011-03-24 02:13:38
Using the "unplug TPS" method of setting timing mode requires the CLT to be at least 140F and the trans to be in neutral. Does your neutral switch work?

2011-03-24 02:19:00
No, my neutral switch nor reverse is hooked up. I ran a wire from the ignition switch to the starter long ago because I couldn't get it started. I bypassed that safety relay all together. Since my auto to manual swap I haven't hooked up any of the wires
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