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Thread: Dynamat.....

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2011-03-22 01:38:14
Ok, summer is coming up. My AC went out last year and im not gonna survive this summer if I dont do something fast. My Car absorbs sunlight like a solar panel in the desert.

Which has me thinking about dynamat. I dont care about the weight its gonna add. I can just turn up the boost to compensate.

I would like to remove EVERYTHING bolted to the firewall interior and cover the WHOLE thing. Also do the entire floor and also the roof.

Anyone have any experience they would like to share. I was on the Dynamat website and im trying to find which kind would be best to cover those areas.

Sooooo....... Lets hear what you have to say.
2011-03-22 01:42:33
i wpuld try tints firts....what color is you car? black?
2011-03-22 01:44:51
I have tint. My car is BLACK!
2011-03-22 01:47:25
paint or vinyl the roof white? lol...my old black nx would get hot as fuck...until i took off th t tops...
2011-03-22 01:50:50
Yeah, ideally I would like to repaint the car white but that doesnt look like its gonna happen anytime soon. Well, before summer anyway.

I am also really interested in how Dynamat will effect the noise level in the car as well.
2011-03-22 01:51:18
Dynamat is a rubber butyl based product, it melts when exposed to heat (trust me mine has melted after 2 years), you would be better off going to home depot and using styrofoam sheets and fiberglass, or if you can find it that foil backed insulation they used to put under hoods in the old cars.

If you are set on dynamat (which won't do anything than keep your car hotter longer (by retaining heat), check out sounddeadenershowdown.com (i think that's it) they have a product that is butyl mat adhered to a foam layer that adheres to surfaces, that is the best and most useful sound deadener in the world that I'm aware of (and it won't fall off with heat )

Good luck, everytime I do a headliner I use foam sheets, but even that only cuts the temperature down by 2-5 degrees
2011-03-22 17:28:09
they make stuff that is for heat shielding, either in a mat form or spray. I think Lizardskin might be one of those but shop around.
2011-03-23 01:40:33
Second skin audio makes a really nice product.
2011-03-23 01:43:33
I've used all kinds, I doubt dyno mat would help with the heat, I would think it would make it worse, it will help with the sound though..
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