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Thread: Help with oil blowby

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2011-03-02 18:27:11
Help with oil blowby
Guys i not sure what is going on. I changed The PCV valve and hose but i still am getting alot of blowby out of the tee on the valve cover. It looks like oil and water mixed. I checked the oil and it looks clean. Anyone have any ideas?
2011-03-02 19:13:36
Do you still have the black box (Oil separator) on the front of the engine?

Check this thread out too: http://www.sr20-forum.com/all-motor/34413-crank-case-ventilation-fully-explained-naturally-aspirated-edition.html
2011-03-02 20:08:32
No dont have that it hasnt been on the car for over ten years. This problem just started here recently. BTW this is a Boosted car. And when i say alot i mean enough to make a puddle under the car after i drive.
2011-03-02 20:17:38
Sounds like your rings are going, or you've got a blockage in the PCV system somewhere, or you've overfilled with oil maybe.
2011-03-02 20:40:58
i think it might be the rings this car has been NOS'ed and turboed so for an under statement it has had the shit kicked out of it.
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2011-03-02 21:05:18
well then it prollly is the rings if its been through all that lol
2011-03-02 21:17:57
Compression test and do a leakdown. Sounds like time for a rebuild!
2011-03-02 21:40:05
Yes sir, i concur on ring/piston damage.
2011-03-02 23:08:59
Aside from compression and leak down test do you have the hose thats tee'd off and goes into the intake just before the throttle body attached ? Its a dumb question but you would know right off the bat as it would prob blow the oil stick out under boost .almost everyone i know caps it off and puts one of those small breather filters on there . Again comp + leakdown first .
2011-03-03 15:16:29
well did a compression test this morning it wasnt very good.
cyl. 1 160
cyl. 3 40
cyl. 4 170
cyl. 2 150

So technically im running on three cylinders.
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