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Thread: Quick question

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2011-02-28 15:30:51
Quick question
I was driving my car while I was shifting from 1 to 5 all sudden the clutch pedal start feel very low when I try to shift to fifth the shitfer wont go to fifth n after the car cant go into gear I push my feet on the pedal it feel very low.so I got out the I adjust the clutch pedal it still not grabbin. So I wat to know wat u guys think is a it the clutch pedal bad or the clutch cable bad cause I recently change the clutch.
2011-02-28 15:33:53
Why would you shift from 1st to 5th? Sounds like something internal has gone wrong.
2011-02-28 15:38:06
I was at stop light.i take the tranni out n I pull the shift thing on the back it shift
2011-02-28 15:48:33
Did you check the cable.
2011-02-28 15:51:57
reading > me i thought he said clutch cable,ya check that 1st

I'm not sure I understand you, but it sounds like possibly a clutch spring poped out. Will the car go into gear while the car is off?
2011-02-28 18:25:18
It a brand new clutch n the car won't go into gear when the car off . Do you think it posible that the clutch cable could be strech.
2011-02-28 18:27:12
2011-02-28 18:52:19
It not the cable it bs jgy clutch it brand I just install last week the spring pop out .
2011-02-28 18:53:39
What kind of cable is in it now? Oem or parts store?
2011-02-28 19:08:27
I had the oem cable on the car when I swap in the new clutch
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