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Thread: 92 SE-R problem... need help.

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2011-02-27 07:02:09
92 SE-R problem... need help.
i have a 92 sentra SE-R. SR20DE+T.
z32 maf. Enthalpy tune. 550cc injectors. on 10lbs. Runs great air fuel ratio at cruising speed and idle put pegs a/f meter at 10.0 at wide open throttle..
i had it on the dyno today and on 10lbs it put down 253 wheel hp and ran fine all day.

We got out tonight with some friends and i had just pulled into a parking spot and shut it off. All guages were normal i hadnt run it hard at all on the way there. So it ran perfectly until i turned it off.

we went inside.. ate.. came back out and when i went to start it it ran horribly!!! there was so much fuel and it was misfiring and threw a check engine light. It was like it went into limp mode or something. We checked all vacuums and connections and everything looked great. We tried everything to get it to run right and finally i went to start it and it ran great and then the next time i started it it missed and threw another code.

Has anyone ever had this problem or know of a fix for it? I dont see how it can be fine one second and then run so bad the next. nothing has been touched from the time it turns off to the time its started again. should i reset the ecu? if i do will it affect my tune? all help is appreciated as its my DD.
2011-02-27 07:05:30
check your MAF wiring. I bet it's a bad ground.
2011-02-27 07:14:30
I will check again but we just today soldered it all together.
2011-02-27 07:25:24
Still may need to reground it though.
2011-02-27 20:10:56
i regrounded the maf but i dont know how to reset the check engine light it threw or even read the code. i tried resetting the ecu with the screw on the side but nothing happened and i cant get the check engine light to flash. how exactly do you erase/read codes on this car?

i also tried key in on position wait 3 seconds, press pedal 5 times, wait 7 hold pedal for 10 seconds, let off for 10 and hold for another 10 and nothing happened. anybody?
2011-02-27 20:14:34
Usually if you unhook your battery for about 30 minutes it will reset the cel.
2011-02-27 20:18:56
i had it unhooked all last night and it was still there. it stored the code i guess. but its weird because it threw the code and we messed with it for a while last night and it went back to normal then the next time i shut it off the code was back on and it ran bad again.
i have had this car about 2 months now and im still learning about it. all i worked on before was a mustang. so this is all new to me lol. i just need to clear the code somehow
2011-02-27 20:21:11
ground the maf to the intake. and also check how far you maf is from ur turbo. minium 18 inches away from turbo.i had the same prob
2011-02-27 20:27:01
Search the old forum or look on SE-R.net, there are multiple writeups on checking the codes. The check engine light will flash in a series of long and short flashes. For example, long long short short short would be a code 23.
2011-02-27 20:53:05
i tried finding SE-R.net but the search is disabled... it drives horrible but with the maf regrounded will the code just go away after a while. or if i disconnect the ecu and reconnect it. and the maf is over 18 inches away but its close.
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