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Thread: Detachable Steering Wheels

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2011-02-26 18:27:22
I'm using a momo hub, nrg classic hub, and some unknown wheel. I love em except I want a new wheel.
2011-02-28 03:11:48
sorry to jack, but, what is the cheapest hub (doesnt have to be quick release)???

this is a part i dont feel you need to spend much on.
2011-02-28 04:08:28
There are ebay hubs for damn near nothing. Shaft and spline on the B13/B14 (and probably B15) are the same as a S13, so search for that and you'll find hundreds of the things.

They are, by the way, complete crap. Poorly cast pot-metal crap that is highly susceptible to cracking.

To get back to the original question, the original NRG "thin" Quick-Releases are supposed to be pretty bad (lots of play), but the larger ones are generally well thought of. Since most aftermarket wheels have a lot less dish than a stock wheel, having a thicker Q/R probably isn't a bad thing.
2011-02-28 16:16:05

Here's my detachable. OEM ftmfw...haha
2011-02-28 20:19:26
NICE! hahaha
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