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Thread: Detachable Steering Wheels

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2011-02-25 20:10:13
Detachable Steering Wheels
Who has one and what HUBs are you using? Its my next mod and I wanted a little insite...

thank you
2011-02-25 21:44:59
Momo hub nrg quick release momo wheel. Had it for years no issues.

2011-02-25 21:56:34
my brothers nrg quick release broke. The one with the button to release the wheel.
2011-02-25 22:11:32
iv also seen something about the wheel diameters, how big of a wheel do you guys use? also where can i buy this stuff, ebay? im sure there are better places

found some stuff on amazom, the expensive item will the the wheel it self


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2011-02-25 22:37:18
What other hubs are available besides NRG?
2011-02-25 22:42:40

NISsport.com - Unique products for racing
2011-02-26 02:27:00
I have used the following with good results. NRG Slim hub from a S13 and the gen 2.5 quick release hub. Just add the steering wheel of your choice and you are good.
2011-02-26 10:23:02
I have Momo steering wheel with a GDL quick release and GDL short hub. Haven't had any problems with it in the 4 years that I've had it.
2011-02-26 15:05:48
I love this thing:

TEKNIQ AutoSport - home

It was not cheap, and it took a couple of weeks to ship from Canada.

However, their product and customer service are terrific. I was missing some part I was *supposed* to order (some doohickey of some sort, should have been included in the kit IMO). Not that I would have had any clue I needed that particular part. So when I called them up with my "WTF?", they sent the "extra" part for free since they did not tell me to order it in the first place. Gotta love that.

2-million "factory combinations", in other words, even if a theif had an "identical" hub from Tekniqauto, it would not fit on my steering column.

Needs a shot of graphite lubricant once in a while on the "pull pins" to release the hub. They get a bit sticky. Other than that, zero complaints.

I'm using mine with a Momo wheel, which I also love.

2011-02-26 17:34:33
I have NRG short hub for a S13 and their 2.5 gen quick release.

no problems!
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