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Thread: Which Head Studs??

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2011-02-22 21:34:41
Which Head Studs??
I'm having work done on my DET head and upgrading to head studs. I've done a lot of searching and here's what I've come up with.

Mazworx head studs seem to be the best, but they are pricey for me now.

Golden Eagles head studs seem to be second best and priced right (116.54) but they are for the Honda B16A and someone (Coheed ?) said they aren't long enough so the nuts barely tighten down with the end of the stud. Is this right?

ARP head studs seem to be improperly designed. They don't seat in the block properly, the torque specs may be to high for our blocks and they have been known to pull threads out with them or become stuck in the block when removed.
On the other hand some people say this is just the old ARP studs, not the new ones,but don't say how tell new from old.

I think Golden Eagles may be the best value but I'm worried about the length.

I'd appreciate input from anyone who has installed any of these different brands, especially the Golden Eagle head studs.
2011-02-22 21:40:26
golen eagle is the way to go...the seat perfect in the block and i never had a problem with the length. ive used them on det and works good.
2011-02-22 23:17:35
personally i run the arp and havent had any issues whatsoever, the cosworth are reportedly the best out there, the golden eagle are a good way to go too
2011-02-24 18:30:38
Thanks, Golden Eagles it is. Which part number since this is a Honda part? or which Honda model ?
2011-02-24 18:44:45
Originally Posted by NI
Thanks, Golden Eagles it is. Which part number since this is a Honda part? or which Honda model ?

2011-02-24 19:06:29
id like to hear some engine builders info on this.

dre, lance, rob, jaime possibly ashton if he can keep his post to a readable size lol, payu maybe some of those smart african dudes.

ive used arps a few times and never had issues with them, but on my current build im up for a few changes...

2011-02-24 19:40:23
Im using the GE B16A headstuds on my build. They are not too short they are actually about a 1/4" too long, which makes no difference anyways other than you need to use a deep socket to torque them. Ive also used the Mazworx studs and they are made of stronger material than the GE ones and use a bit higher torque value as well. Both are great studs. Mazworx if you have the money, GE if not quite as much.

However, the GE b16a studs used to be about 110 shipped and now are up to about 156 or so shipped. They have gone up in value for whatever reason. lol.

Ive never had a problem with head lift even soo far on 30psi (roughly 620-640whp) on my t67 h.o. turbod b13. They dont require retorquing either. Just follow the procedure that comes with the studs and your set. After a year of use the studs were still absolutely tight as hell and came out nice and they are reusable as well.

So its up to you. personally if i had to buy another set i would probably get the mazworx just because they are stronger material. But the GE studs have been known to go to over 1000whp on some honda motors without head lift.
2011-02-24 19:42:29
And just stay away from the ARP studs. They might be fine for small builds but yes the design is wrong and there is actually measurements out there of cylinder wall distortion caused by the improper design. It isnt enough to really cause damage but could affect ring seal quality and longevity of the piston due to piston skirt wear.
2011-02-24 19:58:34
im going to get the g.e ones after reading your post.

so i can order these directly from golden eagle? got a part number are just ask for b16a studs and i will end up with what i need ?

2011-02-24 20:07:54
Originally Posted by cortrim1

Originally Posted by STRATTON
got a part number....

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