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Thread: Short Shifter Comparison Pics and Info

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2008-03-04 03:19:50
Short Shifter Comparison Pics and Info
Stock vs pacesetter



NOTE...if you move the stock ball up to the curve on your stock (B13) shifter,it is basically the same as a pacesetter.
I have found that the B14 stock shifter is longer than the B13 from the factory,so it wont work like the B13(I tried it)

Heres a couple more pics I took.
Starting from the top...
-B14 with ball moved up
-B13 with ball moved up
-Ebay B&M( or Fidanza?) knockoff that came in a car I bought...tons of slop in the socket
-Genuine B&M

I had to grind the B13 end down to get fresh threads on the one in the pic,it got damaged moving the ball up.
It will screw on a factory threaded knob again now.I may just cut the nub off the end so it will be slightly shorter.






Note....You will need take off the heatshield and massage it

I stood on both sides with boots on so it cant spread when you whack it in the center with a BFH until its shaped like a "m" as pictured.
The put it on ,and shift through the gears.It will be close,but I was able to find the sweet spot where it cleared both the shifter and the exhaust(I ve had ssac and asp headers)[/
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2008-03-04 05:47:20
very nice
2008-03-05 04:28:16
sweet i just got the B&M too for 90 bucks too off of ebay.....looks fun to install.....
2008-03-05 07:48:58
did you ever see which one feels better to drive on? pls post on follow up for opinions.
2008-03-06 22:13:13
clarify height on the Pacesetter. the shift knob sits lower?
2008-03-06 23:35:09
Originally Posted by 1810
clarify height on the Pacesetter. the shift knob sits lower?

Well the ball is threaded most of the way up in the pic...so the more you thread it down,the longer the throw and the higher the knob will be.
It looks like the pacesetter in its tallest position(ball down all the way) is similar to stock.

I will not be trying them for awhile yet,but I will post up my findings.
2008-03-07 15:20:12
no pics of the TWM shortshifter?
2008-03-07 15:31:06
Once I get home and pull the fidanza, I'll snap comparison pics between the two.
2008-03-07 21:56:32
i just got ny shifter today. ordered it on monday, got it 2da fast shipping for sure.....
2008-03-08 00:18:25
well after 2 hours of installing ths b&m....i broke no bolts which made me happy,it was very simple to do,BUT if you dont have any snap ring pliers, it will be a pain in the ass(as i found out) but so far it feels great!....im gonna go test it out ina few minutes
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