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Thread: High idle - had it fixed and it came back

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2010-12-14 20:47:30
High idle - had it fixed and it came back
Hey guys,

I thought I had fixed the problem but now it has come back for the 3rd time. Here's my setup: sr20de+t, t3 h1c holset turbo, 8lbs boost, draw thru setup with fmic 2.5" IC piping, z32 maf, 3" turbo-back exhaust, custom daughterboard ecu management system, 02 sensor removed and deleted from ecu, removed egt and egr with block off plates

what's been going on:

After getting my car tuned by the shop. They had told me that the idle was running high (1500 rpms). They suggested it was a vac leak issue and to fix it then return to get it tuned. Initially swapped out the z32 maf with the extra one i have. reset the ecu. no codes for a few days, then AFM code thrown. idle remained high and idle started to jump when the motor was cold. however, it wouldn't jump until after the motor had load meaning, initial start up, the car idled anywhere from 1500-1800 rpms. warmed up for 5 min, idle remains the same. put the car in gear, i get to the end of the block on a stop, the idle starts jumping from 1100-1800 and continues to bounce.

got a used air regulator from a forum member, replaced my aicv valve gasket, tested my aicv (checked out ok), double checked block off plates and resealed them. reset the ecu. after doing all that. idle dropped, no hunting idle for more than 2 weeks. a week after i had fixed everything, i adjusted my tb scew adjustment, checked the timing, 17* spot on, adjusted tps, and then adjusted iacv. idled perfectly at 800-850.

after the car warmed up, the idle would drop to 500 at random times. other times it'll be 800-850 again. declutching would cause the rpms to drop significanly below 500 at times as well.

a few days ago, i wanted to push my car a little so i fully boosted at over 5000rpm on 3rd gear. the next day, AFM code was thrown again! high idle returned with hunting idle when cold with the same symptoms as before! no problems with cold start.

is my MAF bad? do i need to get a retune with a working MAF? am i missing a vac leak somewhere?? it's driving me nuts!! and it doesn't help that it's brick outside

thanks guys!
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