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Thread: HELP! What is this discon. hose????!!!!

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2010-12-12 17:46:27
HELP! What is this discon. hose????!!!!
It is located to the left of the brake fluid reservoir, under the MAF/intake area.
In the shape of a hook (upside down).

Don't have time to trace it to the other side right now...& With my limited knowledge it wouldn't tell me much anyways...

Apparently it hasn't been connected to anything since I bought the car...

2010-12-12 17:49:27
Also, there is a random female connector not hooked up to anything as well.. It is located right next to the drivers side around the strut area. This doesn't bother me as much as that hose, so second priority on this one.
2010-12-12 18:00:00
the tube your talking about is a breather hose for the tranny. and that plug issnt supposed to go to anything. Its just there, I guess maybe the harness has that so they can use the same harness in a different car maybe like an auto se-r? Either way its not important.
2010-12-12 18:06:28
So being a breather it connects to nothing? Should I put a little filter on it?
2010-12-12 18:10:23
correct it dosent connect to anything. its fine just the way it is
2010-12-12 18:12:42
Thank you. I was doing some random clean up in my bay and found it when removing the bottom half of the stock air box, and running the throttle cable under the intake. Also, I rotated my MAF housing so the MAF is on the bottom, is that going to cause any problem?
2010-12-12 23:31:43
I dont think it will cause a problem. As stated already the hooked shaped hose is the transmission breather . Also i believe that the plug you are refering to is a test plug for the harness .
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