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Thread: nx16 dig cluster help?

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2010-12-11 22:47:48
nx16 dig cluster help?
ok so i just got back form picking a nx1600 in horrible condition...the only thing worth a hoot was the digital cluster i got. now, to my questions (and i know there are threads but everyone seems to be confused or maybe im just bad at looking)
i dont have the pigtails.
i dont have a auto speed sensor.
I need them both correct?
does anyone have them?
i have a 91 nx2k.
if you answered no to these questions and you know someone who would like to buy a dig cluster from me let me know lol
thanks guys.
please dont get to offended that im asking about this stuff and the answer may be somewhere...?
2010-12-11 23:09:15
yes, you need both. Pigtails especially. Can't even bench test it without them
2010-12-11 23:12:17
ok then know anybody willing to part ways with them? ill post a want in sale section
2010-12-11 23:45:15
Just source them from whatever B13 you can find. The 2 outer connectors are of the same style as the non-digital cluster, the center connector is the same as the one that's used for the electric window control box. Need both sides, as the control box only uses 8-10 pins, as opposed from the digital cluster using all 12.

Searching should've given you the following thread:

2010-12-12 01:25:01
^^^^ well the thing is there are NEVER any nx's in the boneyards down here. i mean NEVER i look about every two weeks and in 2 years ive seen one 2000 and one 1600. i look on craigslist and maybe get lucky with one every 6 months.
I drove to the other side of the state to even get my car in the first place and it didnt even run lol
If someone doesnt have something im looking for on here then truly my car will sit until i can get ahold of something.
my interior is fresh because all the sentras i can get ahold of. thats it.
2010-12-12 01:31:17
He said B13, not NX. Thats a sentra body fyi. Unless he meant otherwise, those are very easy to find. If he misspoke, my bad. I don't know the particulars on the pigtail compatibilities.
2010-12-12 22:02:02
B13, not just the NX. Might also be on other B models, or N models (installed one in an N14 Sunny once).

The outer plugs, that is. The center one I'm not sure about. All I know is that one is located in the electric window control box, and that there's one somewhere in the wiringloom near the passenger footwell.

Try contacting the member nxpartssource. He might be able to help you.
2010-12-12 23:07:35
oh hey sorry i did misread your message:o.. yea ok well there are lots of b13s in the yards. so i need a auto speed sensor from an auto b13 OR a 5 speed ss from a 5 speed 93-94 correct? and then a harness from which of those cars will work? (i know it wont just swap across)
2010-12-13 10:10:31
Did you read that thread at all? You need a special kind of sensor, or else you only get half the speed.
2010-12-13 18:11:04
Auto sensor WILL NOT FIT in a manual transmission. There is info in this thread on which sensor you need and where to get it...
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