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Thread: Nx is bucking?

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2010-12-08 08:56:28
Nx is bucking?
hey everyone!

so this one is going to be short, hopefully someone has an idea.
I am having the worst luck with my nx2k, idle "seems" fine...although sometimes high sometimes low..but after she warms up and i have been drivin her for a bit she starts either sputtering during accelaration or she will just start bucking and its doesnt matter how much gas i give or take the bucking just continues..i switch gears it goes away for a few seconds then...more bucking...any ideas??
2010-12-08 08:58:18
also just put new spark plug wires in. changing fuel filter tommorow. distributer and cap prob have less than 5k on them.
2010-12-08 09:10:52
Could be a few things...how many miles on the vehicle? I'm leaning towards a problem with your emissions equipment, possibly your EGR/BPT is clogged. Maybe your MAF needs to be regrounded. Try applying the fixes found at this URL, see if they help:

Problems and Fixes
2010-12-08 10:32:14
Hey awsome link! Ill check it out and see if i helps.
2010-12-08 11:29:40
If your NX is bucking, get some spurs, sadle and cowboy hat and ride that bitch.
2010-12-09 23:19:31
Check for ECU codes
2010-12-09 23:32:14
I'd be looking for vaccum leaks, make sure your tps is set 100%, make sure your o2 is up to snuff, your plug gap is set correctly, and then of course the basic tuneups.
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