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Thread: sr20-forum plate holder

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2011-01-06 18:18:13
Originally Posted by 94SunnyGTSsr20ve
I like #2 but reversed and sr20-forum.com across the hole bottom plate.. i think that will look badd azzz.

thats actually good to
2011-01-06 18:19:31
Originally Posted by eggman
Keep in mind we can see a proof of up to 3 different ways to see what they actually look like before they are made.
I am curious to see how good they can duplicate the logo.The font seems simple enough to match.
Not sure why but it seems like the sr20-forum should be on the bottom no matter what,but thats my opinion.My Vote is actually for #1,but I will be happy with any of them.

for sure....
2011-01-06 22:48:42
I'm down for one with option 3. This is an awesome idea
2011-01-06 22:51:52
Jay, are you using the company I had shown you? Just curious.

I'm excited for these, and payment is ready for the first two sets (4 plates total). Might want more after a bit, I'm looking into buying another SE-R right now, and trying to get my brother into one as well.
2011-01-06 23:27:44
i vote option 3
2011-01-07 00:59:03
I'd take one for sure. I think I like option 3.
2011-01-07 01:36:53
option 1
2011-01-07 02:35:49
I vote #1 with "the dash" in an almost cursive looking thin font with lower case "t" and "d".
2011-01-07 03:05:33
Mondy I am gonna look at the suggestions and try to make a decision.So far option 3 seems to be winning.
I need to start taking payments so we can get this to the next stage.When the first 40 plates are sold,I will place the order.

The frames will be 5.00 each.The shipping will be 2.00 for the first one,and 1.00 for each additional frame.
I prefer paypal to [email]jjaymichaud@aol.com[/email],and I will cover the fees.This will help me keep track of everyones info.
Postal Money Orders will also be accepted for those who cant do Paypal.Please PM me for Money Order info.
Technically this isnt a group buy,since I am buying and reselling these.I am asking you guys to commit and prepay to help me get this done faster.I cant really afford to spend the money,but I want these frames too.It seems like there is alot of interest so far.Hopefully I will get my investment back quickly.

I want you guys to remember I am covering the difference to get a good price on these.I plan to have them all shipped to me and I will be packing them and shipping them to members myself.
I hope you all trust me enough to prepay,since it is a simple item,and such a small amount of money.
For those who dont know me....I am sure there are some members on here who can vouch for my character.
Ok heres the list of the first people in order of when they posted to want in.
Bold are paid
Please feel free to copy/paste and add yourself if I missed you

2.inspired b13...4
5.cesarD...1 or 2
14.wayne...1 or 2??
16.Twomissanman...1....haha but you have Two Nissans....man.LOL
19.p-diddie...1 ??
21.Tommy SR20...1

Others showing interest...
-305 SERboi

As soon as I have the first 40 frames payed we can get this done.WOOHOO!!!
2011-01-07 03:06:43
oh...and I hope to get another thread going soon with to make this more condensed.keep an eye out.
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