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Thread: Spun a bearing... again!

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2010-12-07 01:54:28
I'm thinking some metal was left inside the block which contaminated the new bearings. Either that, or the block itself had some blockage feeding the crankshaft. Hopefully you get it all figured out. Just don't let it get you down. Pull the bottom end out and see which bearing spun. If rod #2 spun again, its likely a problem with the block somewhere. #3 spins first under oil starvation issues from my experience.
2010-12-07 01:55:52
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Well either way, i would start over. Fresh crank, eagle rods, ACL race bearings and go from there. Should only cost you around $500 to redo with parts if you do the labor yourself. I know it sucks but ive been there done that.

Yeah, definitely what I'm leaning towards. So would you suggest machining the crank again or just buying a brand new one?

Any thing I should have done to it? I was thinking of having it hot tanked and flushed.

Oh, anywhere that you suggest getting the rods and such from? I've been having trouble lately finding a good place to get parts from for this car.
2010-12-07 02:05:18
Yeah, you need to have the block tanked or just take an air compressor with the block completely apart and blow out every single oil passage with solvent and compressed air. The hot tank is not necessary if you just do that.

Crank, i would just replace. Dont even chance it. There are too many good clean cranks out there you could get for nothing. I have one in my garage but im saving it for the just in case. haha

And whatever crank you do get, have it cleaned and polished and definetly clean out the oil passages.

Again go with the ACL race bearings in standard size....the non-coated bearings.
2010-12-07 08:09:45
why the non coated ones?
2010-12-07 11:45:28
the acl bearings are a trimetal bearing. They contain more lead than most brands anymore. But they wear a little faster.
2010-12-12 23:42:29
So any reason why you recommend the ACL race bearings over the Clevite bearings?

Still wondering if you know a good place to get the rods from? I don't want to go completely broke doing this. lol
2010-12-13 06:40:22
Is your oil feed pipe to the turbo not too big?

Was the DET running with this setup successfully before the motor spun a bearing the first time?
2010-12-13 08:25:35
I changed my oil feed line from a hard-line to a braided-steel line. It's probably about the same size but I had to add a restrictor to the line because the GT2871R is ball bearing. It ran for an entire year without any issues before it broke anything. The first thing that went out was the old turbo (tons of shaft play, bearings failed, turbine blades hit the housing), put on this new turbo, spun a bearing 4 miles later, rebuilt the motor, spun a bearing 40 miles later... and now I'm here.
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