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Thread: Loud Constant squeal after new WP

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2010-12-05 02:11:03
Loud Constant squeal after new WP
1991 NX2K-----So i am at a complete stand still. I needed to replace my WP after the seal blew. I replaced the pump and lost a bolt(maybe someone one here saw my posting) well it sat in my driveway for about a month because i just couldnt get any time off work what with the holidays and everything. I finnaly got the bolt, put everything back together, i even forked over 40 bucks for 2 new belts. i put the belts on tightened them to what i thought is perfect, start my car up and a loud constant squeeland it doesnt go away. so I thought "maybe i got somethin on the belts" took them off, cleaned them up, and even sprayed some belt conditioner on. put them back on today? and guess what? Same squeel. Now i have tried tightening.loosening. spraying. cleaning. NOTHING seems to make the squeel go away. If anyone has any ideas for me PLEASE let me know. thanks!
its constant.
its loud.
help me
2010-12-05 02:24:08
I would take the Alt/ac belt off and start the car for a few seconds and see off it's squealing . This will find out what belt is the culprit . Then try placing some dye electric grease on the edge of the suspected noisy belt and see if it stops . And if all else fails tighten more than what u think is tight . And last but not least put the old belts back on to see is it finally goes away . Also make sure the pulleys are inline and not off set like if w/p pully out of line with the p/s . GL
2010-12-05 02:34:49
I will definitaly try these hopefully something helps! thanks for the tips!
2010-12-05 13:38:58
With motor running, check the water pump pulley to make sure it's properly seated and not wobbling. Maybe the new water pump is bad. Maybe that lost bolt is wedged in somewhere making the noise. I admit that both of these are pretty unlikely.
2010-12-05 21:43:07
For the hell of it while the belts are off try spinning the wp anx see if there is any noise...
2010-12-05 23:54:47
Thanks to everyone for their help! i got it figured out! The alt. was a bit loose so i snugged it up ,then did the same with the belt. no more squeek! Now to just figure out this sputtering problem...lol thanks guys!
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