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Thread: WOW what is going on here..

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2010-12-03 23:20:54
WOW what is going on here..
hello everyoneI bought Bgreens 200sx ser with the VVL in it about 3 months ago. This is my first nissan and its putting a bad taste in my mouth. Now have had the transmission out 3 times.... whole engines once. well first it was the clutch fork. thanks jim wolf pressure plate. then the springs blew out of my b15 disk. Ok thats fine now i replaced it with a exedy stage 1, and it lasted all of 2 days and self destructed, i didnt even pop the clutch once hard. can anyone give me some suggestions to why this may have happend?? could their been a peice of the b15 clutch disk hiding in the pressure plate? this car is killing me quickly. i ordered a act extreme 6 pad solid disk but im scared to see what happens. nissan me
2010-12-03 23:23:49
Just chalk it up to bad luck.
2010-12-03 23:34:12
id like to think soo too..i ahve some pictures of the clutch is their any way to post them other than a URL
2010-12-03 23:34:41
I had the Exedy stage 1 clutch with 80 more pounds of torque on a Boosted SR20, lasted me a while without a problem.

Make sure everything is bolted up fine, and don't forget to use the clutch alignment tool.
2010-12-03 23:41:24
Originally Posted by Vadim
and don't forget to use the clutch alignment tool.

That actually doesn't matter. The only thing that will do is help you get the tranny on easier. As soon as you push in the clutch the disk will align.

To the OP: Did you have the flywheel turned with the new clutch install? The surface could be worn down on the outer most diameter causing the new disk to flex. Every clutch I install I always get the flywheel resurfaced so it is flat as possible.
2010-12-03 23:42:51
The B15 disc might have been a bit more worn than you/BGreen might have thought. I've got one in my VE'd NX, with a ACT HD pressure plate and it's never given me a problem. I even had a B15 disc with a BNIB from Nissan pressure plate, held up nicely and engaged smooth. Hopefully this new clutch is better to you.
2010-12-03 23:44:33
i didnt use an alignment tool... i was told u dont need to on a nissan and i dont udertsand to be honest how the nissan transmissions even go back on when u dont but they do and i know that because i personally removed it and installed it 3 times whats the deal with all that play? [img]f:\DCIM\100nikon\dscn1048[/img]
2010-12-04 00:06:04
2010-12-04 00:06:36
posting pics is hard here huh.. if anyones interested its ant bellantoni on facebook.. ull see the pics. well i guess i cant go wrong with my ACT springless extreme 6 puck
2010-12-04 00:15:58
I got ya

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