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Thread: Rev limit feels like hitting something..?

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2010-11-27 16:51:36
Rev limit feels like hitting something..?
OK... Last night, I was climbing a steep ass hill, had just left from the bottom, decided to red line it through the gears till i hit the top. I hit the rev limiter in first, and felt a big jerk/loss of power that almost felt like a smacked into something. It was also slow to bounce the second time (about a second), does that make sense, and is this normal? I'm still used to Honda motors, where hitting the rev limiter gave a quick wawawawa but didn't ever feel like it slowed me down, just stopped me from accelerating. I definitely lost 2-3mph when hitting the limiter last night. Just seems strange to me from what I am used to.
2010-11-27 16:59:38
Yes that is normal. See here: http://www.sr20-forum.com/tunercode/29491-rev-limiter-discussion.html#post382856
2010-11-27 17:04:33
Thanks. Hadn't seen that thread before, will check it out now.
2010-11-27 17:16:37
Holy hell, so if i am reading correctly, there is basically a 500rpm bounce from the factory? That's crazy. I believe my honda was probably between 100-150. I didn't even pay attention to the tach last night when it happened, so I didn't see how much it dropped... As soon as I felt that brick wall I was off the gas an in second gear.
2010-11-27 17:22:01
Yes 500 rpm, and also 1 second, which ever is longer. It's like a brick wall.
2010-11-27 17:32:26
Wow. Well, I see ECU or EMS upgrades in the near future.
2010-11-27 20:25:56
2010-11-27 20:40:36
When you feel it, you'll shit brick walls.
2010-11-28 08:25:55
the rev limiter in the sr16ve ecu seems to be not as violent as the b13 ecu's i've hit it a few times in my friends car an its more "honda like" lol i hate the stock limiter so much i disable it in nistune so i dont have to feel it haha.. but i must be careful in 1st..
2010-11-28 08:30:45
Anyone know about the g20 ecu? Any better?
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