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Thread: rebuilt DET surging idle - video

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2010-11-26 04:47:07
rebuilt DET surging idle - video
Got my freshly rebuilt DET running today. It's not running great yet. kind of a surging idle. Somebody wanna tell me wtf is going on here?

here's the basics:
u13 bluebird
Wiseco pistons 9.25:1 apprx.
BCstg2 cams
370cc injectors (till I can afford upgrade)
JWT ecu tune

ask whatever else you may be wondering

YouTube - video-2010-11-25-21-35-01
2010-11-26 05:07:19
So I was just talking to a friend about this and we've come to the conclusion that I need to go plug in the factory temp sensor. I never bothered plugging it in since I have an aftermarket one... forgetting the ecu needs to get that signal. opinions?
2010-11-26 05:12:07
If I remember right, there are two different temp sensors on the car; one the ecu uses, and one for the gauge in the cluster. I don't have the one for gauge hooked up either.
2010-11-27 05:20:25
hmmm, I don't know where the other one would be. There's the one right above the oil filter but that's it as far as I can say. Not 100% on that one though.

I scanned the ecu for codes and got 6 the first time. I noted those then cleared them. ran the car for a minute then scanned it again. the one I got was for the O2 sensor heater. That seems like a possible cause for this.
2010-11-27 05:40:56
I have a similar issue with mine, I have a JWT ecu as well, my set up is exactly what the ecu is supposed to be programmed for as well. I did re-ground my MAF and it does do a little better. At this point I'm about to drop kick that piece of shit ecu across my back yard and start over (I know I'm going to get flammed for this! go right ahead) Try re-grounding the MAF if you havent already, it really did make mine alot better, guess I'm overly anal and want it to be perfect.

Good luck!
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