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Thread: Sound Deadening

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2010-11-26 00:08:17
Im not going to be removing my carpet for good. I took out the carpet to either re-dye it or just install a new one but since it will be easily acessible to remove and replace the old sound deadening, I thought it would be a good way to upgrade.
2010-11-26 00:10:19
And as badhabits said, I will then be able to see where the water is slowly coming through. Haven't looked over everything yet, but im assuming it's something simple.
2010-11-26 03:48:40
Have you checked out Dynamat Superlite? Supposedly it's only an average weight increase of about 30 lbs to do the majority of the car. Looks quality and I am sure keeping the weight increase to a minimum is a concern for us all.

10648 - DYNAMAT SUPERLITE BULK PACK 48 SQ FT NEW - eBay (item 120603767767 end time Nov-30-10 11:18:55 PST)
2010-11-26 03:51:45
Above poster, at first glance I thought your screen name said something about virgin asian fest. LOL just saying.
2010-11-26 03:58:50
LMAO. Everyone judges the name. I just don't see a point in changing it now after having it for years.
2010-11-26 04:17:17
Originally Posted by badhabits727
Above poster, at first glance I thought your screen name said something about virgin asian fest. LOL just saying.

2010-11-26 04:41:41
No, don't change it. I'd love to encounter a festival full of virgin asian girls and rock every one of them :x
2010-11-26 06:01:01
Good thing I saw a post like this. Planning to pull the carpet and dash to put deadening in the spring. Not too concerned about weight since I already used Dynamat in the rear. I'll keep this thread on note.
2010-11-26 14:36:27
After doing my research, it looks like I'm just going to go with dynamat. Ive read about how other companies have just taken roof liner and renamed it as a sound deadener and priced it half as much as dynamat which makes it appealing to people like us because of the low price. The cheaper sound deadeners also have a tendency to melt in higher temperatures and cause a tar type smell which I dont want.

But dynamat is the only company out there that has trully went out, did their research and made a product that is designed for cars and made a product that is going to last hence the higher price. Since dynomat is more expensive than I anticipated spending, I'm going to be doing it in about a month in a half from now and for the time being will just live without sound deadening. But I will do a full write up for the people who are thinking about installing sound deadening.

As for weight, it wasn't really a concern for me but if it really starts adding a lot of unwanted weight, its nothing that a carbon fiber hood cant fix
2010-11-26 17:38:46
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