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Thread: IACV unit

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2010-11-24 15:09:10
IACV unit
Is there a "how to" for removal/replacement of the IACV unit from my B-13 ? I searched, but did not find one.
2010-11-24 15:49:22
back left if you are looking at the motor, pulley side of the motor at the end of the intake manifold. Just disconnect the harness connectors and take the bolts out. You will need a gasket if you plan to replace it. A lot of guys usually just clean them out unless it is totally shot.
2010-11-24 16:53:48
Probably will need the gasket if you remove it to clean it. Mine shredded into little pieces when I pulled it off and so when I put it back on it was leaking. Make sure you take the time, pain in the ass it is, to clean the gasket off the engine before reinstalling as it will likely leak. The IACV is frustrating to get back on, so do all you can to make sure you only have to do it once!
2010-11-24 17:05:34
God I hate to do this but ive been searching for a while and cant find it, since were on the subject of the IACV..........is there a how to on adjusting this stupid thing?

Sorry to the OP, just didnt want to clog bandwidth with another thread.
2010-11-24 21:21:43
I don't know what there is to adjust on it, besides the idle screw. If that's what you mean, I've heard the procedure is to disconnect the battery for about an hour, back the screw most of the way out (not out of the IACV, until it is about flush with the top), unplug the IACV, reconnect the battery, start the car, and then screw the idle screw back in until it is idling about right, then reconnect the IACV. I'm not sure that's the exact method, but I think it is close. As for the IACV, I think you just clean it with carb cleaner and hope that solves your problem. Or replace it, but most of the time it is just gunked up and cleaning it will get it functioning again.
2010-11-24 21:48:50
thank you!

OP, sorry to jack your thread like that.
2010-11-24 22:17:53
Buy paper gasket maker and just trace the IACV and make your own gasket. Just as good.
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