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Thread: Trying to figure out if this is a scam?

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2010-11-22 23:04:16
Trying to figure out if this is a scam?
Has anyone else talked to this guy http://www.sr20-forum.com/members/kris325.html . He just made a forum account a few day ago and wnats to buy my truck. He lives in ottawa, weve been textin and shit, but now he cant come out here and get it, hes afrai of driving home through the snow and stuff, and i guess his parents are worried about it. He had already trasfered me 100 bucks the other day, i know about the paypal scam shit where they cancel through their bank, so i told him i wont ship the car untill after 2 weeks of receiving the payment. Ive found his facebook, he friended me, we text and he seems normal. His dad is going to help him ship it, he said i shouldnt have to drive it anywhere, it should be picked up. . Anyone got any advice, if hes honest and wants to get it after paying for shipping, then its fine with me. I just dont want to get screwed. I also told him i wouldnt ship the title untill after the truck leaves and the money is still in my account. If this is a new scam, it sure a well thought out personal one.
2010-11-22 23:18:15
The biggest thing I have learned in life, is if you have any doubts whatsoever, don't do it.

One of the hard things dealing with purchases online to people you cant physically see or hear, is the fact that it could be a con artist hiding behind that monitor just looking for easy money.

If you trust him, go ahead.
2010-11-22 23:52:38
Sounds pretty legit to me if the initial deposit goes through OK. Just tell him you want the paypal transfer first, and want to see it cleared with paypal before any shipping arrangements are made.. Either that, or have him use a service such as moneygram etc. Or even a personal check as long as you wait for it to clear before setting up shipping. Worst case scenario with a personal check is you lose the what , $25 fee, for returned checks?
2010-11-23 01:19:58
Yah he seems legit. Its just that since he changed from coming to pick it up to wanting it shipped, i sent me a red flag in my head due to all the scams. I really want to buy talon's sel.

I told him this, I want him to send the paypal, plus 50 bucks for half of the fees. Then were going to wait 1-2 weeks so he cant cancel the payment through his bank and screw me out of money. i dont think hes going to do that but i got to be careful. Then he can get all the shipping info ready, and if i need to ill drive it to the port to be shipped (if i can drive since my surgery) and then send the title to him over night mail so it arrives to him before the truck. I just need to do this safe. Most of the scams happen becuase the person gets a money order, and weird emails. Me and this kid have been texting alot and id like to think i can trust him, but its hard to trust anyone anymore saddly.

But after i get this, if my back is up to it flying to MO and picking up my sel.
2010-11-23 01:53:03
this is weird, having him not pick it up means he is buying it sight unseen. If for some reason he wants to start a claim because something is not right as described or unknown before he received the truck. If he was serious he would come down to make sure it is everything he is looking for. And if he did not want to drive it home he can ship it from there. I would never buy a car sight unseen, i dont know how people buy cars on ebay all the time, you never know what you are getting until you can see it for yourself.
2010-11-23 02:53:13
Ya i agree there. But im doin the same thing as him, cept i got to drive the sel home from mo because i dont have the money to ship. I beleive hes in his 20's and sounds liek he lives at home. If the money stays then he will get the truck. Im just going to miss not having the truck be local anymore, goin to miss seeing it. And if it turns out hes trying to scam me, i have his name, cell number, a picture of a car he has on one of the forums a build thread that clearly shows his address and stuff in ottawa, so wouldnt be smrat to scam me. Im just going to be super cautions, its not like this was a craigslist one. He made a account on here just to message me about the truck, he must of been bored lookin around.
2010-11-23 14:56:29
Why not run with what Squirlz said.. Suggest he come down there and buy it in person, then have it shipped back up there. Shit a bus/plane ticket is cheap these days.. Though, if he cant afford the ticket on top of the truck, i guess thats pretty understandable as well.
2010-11-23 15:11:31
Its a tought call. If it feels funny in any way just tell him you don't feel comfortable shipping the truck and having the money wired. I'm sure the truck would sell reguardless its just a question of when.
2010-11-23 15:20:00
The thing that makes this believable to me, is that he already gave you a deposit, and i assume said deposit has cleared without issues... I've NEVER heard of a scam that a scammer that sends you money EVER.
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