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Thread: Help! knocking noise only at certain rpms got louder

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2010-12-16 20:08:08
I've been trying to get an engine (de, well in pieces) from somewhere down here but mine and the other persons schedule hasn't matched up in the last 2 weeks for me to come look at it, and then I'm also supposed to get a good head from someone else and then I'm going to put new gaskets and seals and put it all together, that was the plan for what's going into the 1.6L, sometime in feb-march I get a week off
But then again all the 1.6L needs is a chain sprocket, headgasket and bolts (hopefully, haven't dropped the pan yet) to get it running, maybe santa will bring me those parts for christmas
2010-12-16 22:57:04
Just to let ya know mike... I wouldn't depend on the head. I have a bad feeling. I will still let ya know tho.
2010-12-17 03:05:05
to bad u weren't closer i'd ve swap that sucker for ya
2010-12-17 04:36:04
Its got rod knock again, 350 miles later
My g/f said its time to sell both of the cars, I'm thinking p11, who wants both of my cars?
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