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Thread: Compare These Tires

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2010-11-22 00:09:45
Compare These Tires
It's time for new tires again but this time I'm on a much more stringent budget. I've already researched, using tirerack, onlinetires, tires-easy and a couple of others. So, I have a fair idea what will work for our cars. In my case, that would be a '91 SE-R with 15" rpf1s with +35 offset.

I'm trying to decide by balancing performance with value/price. I've come up with a handful of tires along with their shipped prices.

Federal SS595 82W, 195/50/15, shipped for $273.88 from onlinetires.com
Nitto Neogen 89V, 205/50/15, shipped for $295.04 from onlinetires.com
General Exclaim UHP, 195/50/15 shipped for $298.22 from tires-easy.com
Fuzion Zri, 195/50/15 shipped for $301.10 from tires-easy.com
Fuzion Zri, 205/50/15 shipped for $338.42 from tires-easy.com
Yokohama S.drive, 195/50/15, shipped for $296.oo from discounttiredirect.com
Nitto Neogen VR, 205/50/15, shipped from $296.00 from discounttires

I'm really trying to stay at the $300 level or I would have included the s.drive in 205/50/15, cheapest shipped is $351 from discounttiresdirect.com.

I really can't justify spending more than that, not with 3 kids in school and the economy sucking the way it is. All season tires are pointless... I live in Florida. Also, I do find that tireracks reviews are biased(hugely) towards rwd cars. GRM.com did a tire test a while ago and pretty much proved that what works well for a rwd car doesn't always transfer to the same best performance on a fwd car.

Have at it, call them all crap if you want. And, of course, experience, not hearsay, is preferred. And if you have any other suggestions... I'm listening.

2010-11-22 02:32:47
Fusion Zri are OK, decent summer tire, grip was not the best and wear was ok. Slick in rain though.
2010-11-22 03:21:21
Hmmm, slick in the rain is bad... I live in Florida. Thanks for the feedback, it helps.

2010-11-22 03:23:30
Check out treadepot.com, they have great prices.. I picked up a set of 225/50/15 kumhos for 208.00
2010-11-22 03:30:32
tirerack it up as well.
2010-11-22 03:42:51
Yokohama S Drive. Good tire except for the really soft sidewall. If you don't intend to occasionally drive hard around corners, then this is a good choice.
2010-11-22 03:45:13
Tire Search Results
2010-11-22 04:27:14
I've done the searches at most of the online sites, read the reviews, etc... That's how I came up with the listed tires. The s.drive has a soft sidewall? Not good, I've got a stiff suspension(progress) and really don't like having the tire roll over. Weird, it tested well on the tire rack site. Might be that difference of how a tire responds on a rwd .vs. a fwd car, though. Tirerack almost exclusively use some BMW vehicle or another.

I'll check out treaddepot. Which Kumho's did you get?

Thanks for the replies... keep 'em coming.

2010-11-22 05:16:08
I have had excellent success with Falken 912s in either size you are looking at. And I'm pretty sure they would be in your price range.
2010-11-22 13:06:38
Falken 912's? Hadn't even thought of those... thanks, Joe.

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