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Thread: Car not running right.. if you can even say it runs

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2010-11-18 11:49:55
^^ i was going by what he said in his FIRST POST.

i just notice he clarified what he was saying further down.
2010-11-18 13:57:09
appreciate all the input. The funny thing though is my cars been running like this for a while now. A couple of years to be honest. I had taken it to a shop and had them replace the valve cover gasket and o rings, but it started leaking again. It's weird how just all of a sudden it's gonna act up severly when I've been driving like this for a while now. It makes me think something more serious, but I will tune up. I'm not trying to spend to much money on repairs because honestly the value of the car is not worth it. My tein basics are blown to which sucks.. anyone wanna buy my car lol? Hs header, greddy catback, hotshot intake, stillen lip, stillen rear lip.
2010-11-18 14:29:40
Where is the car located? If it passes a compression test, has a clean title, and you're close I'll give yah $200 for it.
2010-11-18 14:46:53
I only trust RC Engineering with reconditioning injectors. If you smell gas, that means something.

If you know one is leaking, you shouldn't really run with it that way.

Does your car sound like a misfire at idle, and if so, is there one spark plug wire you can remove to make it sound normal?

If you haven't yet, I would also change the fuel filter. It's like $10 and 10 minutes.
2010-11-18 15:24:51
I live in washington... and 200?? serious.. it's not that bad of condition.. just saying that I kinda don't wanna put anymore money into it. My catback alone could sell for more than 200. Anyways, I did a tune up close to 3 years ago, sucks I have to do it so soon but it's all good.
2010-11-18 16:46:39
Originally Posted by Kdel200sx
The funny thing though is my cars been running like this for a while now. A couple of years to be honest.

This is scary as all get out. I've got a strong feeling you're going to have some sort of mechanical issue now. Be it rings, valves, gaskets....

Do a compression check. I'm thinking more serious issues now that you said that.
2010-11-19 15:11:35
I have several fuel rails with 259cc injectors for sale, if you need. ($20 + shipping or so)

You can just unbolt your rail and bolt a new one in and see if it helps..

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