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Thread: Need some inspiration from my peeps.

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2010-11-08 16:23:57
The heavier B14 brothers (Sentra's) are just not the same without the torque from boost. Talking about making the car from being an ok daily to a fun car. Once you go boost, it's hard to cut back .

@Front motor mount, that happens on all of our cars (accept P10/P11 with inherently superior front motor mounts.) I drove with all stock and front busted motor mount and had no real issues NA.

Stuff does usually break in bunches. Having an extra car definitely helps with that. But if you have to have an extra car, might as well then boost the car that breaks and fix it all up
2010-11-08 18:51:23
Try adjusting the idle up a little bit. It's a b14 thing, cuz I have the same mounts in my b13 and my b14 and the b13 hood doesn't rattle. My throttle cable is a broken at the bracket so it idles wherever it decides to rest the plate, usually at about 1100-1200. That little bit of a higher idle eliminates all of the vibration in the car with my prothane mounts. Something to try without having to replace all of your mounts which can be a PITA.
2010-11-08 18:53:51
And I think it's the front mount that generates all or most of the vibration.
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