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Thread: Gas mileage/a little knocking noise..Please help me

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2010-11-07 03:23:20
that was my last resort right there. the knock sensor..im goin to see about that next payday
2010-11-07 14:43:08
Originally Posted by sr20fan
that was my last resort right there. the knock sensor..im goin to see about that next payday

Don't give your hard earned money to the Stealership. Here is a brand new OEM Nissan one for $30 some bucks.
2010-11-07 19:48:18
I would like to thank Vadim for finding the one deal on knock sensors for I think $15. I still have not installed it yet, maybe I will for next summer.

I have not had my timing retarded in a long time. It was temperature dependent and has not happened in a long time.
2010-11-08 01:53:53
Just get on ebay and search for a "sentra knock sensor" and fish out the OEM ones. The one I posted is actually an auction, just look for a buy it now one. I've always gotten my knock sensors for under $50 shipped.
2010-11-08 02:04:53
i will see about that. cause I'm getting closer and closer with the parts I need to do my swap. I was originally going to wait til after winter and save money to rebuild the head and replace the head gasket..but, I can always do that at a later time. But, just incase, I will end up replacing the knock sensor which I know will be a bitch to replace
2010-11-16 04:25:28
well, I fixed the knocking noise.it was 2 things. I bleed the lifter that I heard was making the most noise(the one I accidentally took off during a cam install) then realized that the noise was mostly gone. then had this slight ticking sound, but already knew that was my exhaust leak(the stupid header stud that is all the way to the left facing to the motor that everyone complains about messing up.) My gas mileage still sucks. Heres an example: I put 5.2 gallons last week. I only drive exactly 6.4miles to work and back. I never went out after coming home from work last week.I'm on E now, only put 46miles. Thats like what 9miles per gallon???I know its short distance and I know some people will say only driving my car that short of a distance everyday will kill gas especially warming it up, but still this did not happen the first couple months I bought the car. Well, I'm just going to suffer through winter, buy the remaining parts I need for my swap, install it, and get it tuned so no more problems. and if having turbo will still suffer the same mileage I won't complain..its turbo.its fast.its wonderful..hehehehe
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