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Thread: Cold Start Issue after jwt ecu install

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2010-10-29 03:12:36
Cold Start Issue after jwt ecu install
I installed my jwt ecu today tuned for s4 cams, 259cc injectors, and bored de maf. The only other part I changed since the ecu was the maf. The car ran fine on the stock tune. At first it didnt want to stay on at all,I turned the idle adjustment screw a little bit and it stayed on after I held the accelerator for a bit but I have to do this every time the car is cold or else it just dies. Do you guys think the ecu is just getting used to the car or is there a possibility that I may have a problem with my idle control system? The car runs fine once its warm it idles around 950 because I bumped the idle up, with the stock ecu it would idle at 750-800.
2010-10-29 10:50:24
It started up fine this morning it only idled at 1100 from cold start which I thought was a little strange. Then when it gets to operating temperatue it drops down to 950. Also as it was warming up my idle went a little crazy for about 5 seconds going from 1500-1000. Anyone have any input on this?
2010-10-29 12:43:06
well, My swap when I had it in my b13 would not run for shit during cold starts. now its in my b14 and it always starts up and idles perfect in the morning/cold starts....

Check your large vacuum lines in behind your intake manifold. Check all your vacuum lines, clean/inspect both of the idle sensors(forgive me for calling that one on the bottom of the intake the wrong thing) lol...try there first.
2010-10-29 13:11:39
I have a b14 bluebird with jwt tune and on cold starts it runs really rich. If I try to drive it, it will wanna die and it is 10 on the wideband. So it may be because of the jwt tune.
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