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Thread: 93 ser purchase dilemma insight needed

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2010-10-29 14:53:13
Originally Posted by Black
Would you be interested in a VE b14 still got the AC and has No rust at all GA car.

sorry, but just not a big fan of the b14, had a 98 200sx SE-R very briefly and it just wasn't as enjoyable as the b13 and even the b15 we had (a 2001 SE and also had an 02 SpecV as well) we liked more than the b14.

No offense intended to any B14 owner but it just isn't our thing.

The only sr20de powered car we haven't owned YET is the elusive NX2000 so that is still very much on the radar to experience at some point

So our next daily driver, in summary of order preference would be:

p11 (99 g20t 5spd only) > p10 (5spd touring only) > b13 (SE-R 5spd only) > b15 (00 or 01 SE 5spd only) > b15 (02 or 03 specV yellow only)

and a nice NX2000 could trump them all since we haven't experienced/owned on YET
2010-10-30 03:58:15
Hope this helps in the decision....

1991 B13 se-r in CT- awesome shape - SR20 Forum
2010-10-30 04:24:52
Originally Posted by Chris101

We would prefer a nice 1999 g20t with sport cloth and 5spd as a daily driver more than a b13 in all honesty after having owned both and regretting the sale of the p11 more than the b13 when it comes down to it! (sold the 'rusty' but not bad rust YET b13 for $1600 which seems to be the going rate and it had way less than 100k miles too --- around 84k IIRC and no 5th gear pop out)... that rust just devalues stuff around here!!!

I really liked that KR4 99 P11t-cloth you had several years back, that & the 01 B15 SE w/PP, & the Max you brought back from AZ too!

Honestly, I'll be surprised if you get a non Nissan/Mazda/VW vehicle, lol.

Hope you & Mike get the b13, cause we know it will be in good hands!
2010-10-30 06:33:19
Hmm a clean B13 2000 miles from you. Florida? Texas? Chris, did you even get to enjoy the B14? I thought the track car plans fell through? I know i stocked up on 98 electrical parts from you back in the day. Im sitting on a gold mine.

I say go for the B13 if you really want it and you're not going to tear it up on the track.

Originally Posted by robj80
But we all love these little guys and want to save and preserve every last one.

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2010-10-31 02:31:39
I was actually ready to jump on a plane to get a really nice rust free b13 for $2500 but someone else beat me to it (oh well, snooze and loose but there will always be another car!)

That 200sx SE-R was a 98 driven around for all of about a month before being parted out and later I briefly had another 98 (go figure 2 98s) that sold to a friend of a friend (I swear we have a hard time keeping cars for long -- fix em all up purdy and someone always seems to call or email saying they want/need a car --- haha)

That automatic b13 isn't going to be happening for us. The automatic part just got to us too much for the investment cost overall.

Ideal is to find a nice 99 p11t or unmolested well cared for p10t again in AZ when we visit again

It won't be another Maxima (at least not 4th gen-- haha) but you never know

Lately its been about the illusive sport cloth 99t 5spd with no rust and no sunroof (perhaps some day) ..and if we do find it (not crazy overpriced as well) then this time we won't be letting it go!!!!

Mike was contemplating getting a 99 p11 to turn into another track car.... ..that would be interesting as well.

oh yeah, that 94 is just a caged shell we have plans for making it a PTE NASA car for the 2011 season (no more supercharged though) but we lost our storage and are forced to pick it up on nov 13th so it will be in our garage calling to us to get finished and on the track again! (that shell is from sunny phoenix too btw)
2010-10-31 03:07:44
Since you're leaning towards a p11, hows this? Needs some work but WELL worth it imo.

2010-10-31 11:50:09
^ except we really don't want to deal with a roller-rocker again if at all possible and are focused on a 99 only at this point and PA is in the rust belt (not wanting to deal with another rusty p11 thanks... as it is it was an $1800 investment to get rid of rust properly on the former p11 we had so the goal is another one like that but without a sunroof and from a rust free zone!)

Roller Rocker has it's own issues (32bit ECU makes it more difficult to tune if you want to go that route later with turbo for example)... and MAF failures abound with RR SR20s... and they feel sluggish compared to the 99 thanks to that 2nd cat at the exhaust header

The advantage for a 99 for us as well is that we have completely disassembled (parted out) one so we still have lots of extra parts and know the car pretty well now and since lots of pieces and parts are unique to a 99, we already have lots of those pieces and parts!!!
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