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Thread: 93 ser purchase dilemma insight needed

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2010-10-29 01:52:58
I never pay a premium price for any mint vehicle because I always end up modifying and upgrading any factory car.
Paying a premium price for a showroom stock Corvette you are going to park in a garage and drive once a year is one thing, paying a premium for a B13 you're going to have to modify anyway is another.
2010-10-29 03:00:41
Down below
2010-10-29 03:04:48
Originally Posted by Chris101
So I have the opportunity to buy a rather mint one owner 93 ser from a retired guy who was rather anal and so it still looks factory new. But here is where it gets tricky. The car is 2000 miles away in a rust free zone so just driving it home has expenses. It is unfortunatly autotragic without cruise control, no sunroof and manual crank windows. He is firm on price at 3k cash and turned down many offers and said he is just as content to keep it. It is hard to find these cars in this shape but the price seems high for an auto with 125k miles. Thinking of just not buying. Thoughts? Full investment for me would be right around 4k when it is said and done and still be stuck with an auto that needs more investment and time to become a stick (then the 3 days of my time to drive home with no cruise control not fun). Ship qoute was 985

You can buy mine right now for $3K. Pm me if interested.
2010-10-29 03:06:31
Originally Posted by llaprad1
I don't think this will ever be true unless we're talking 30 years from now.

There are Japanese cars from the 60s that are still only worth $1000 or so in decent condition. And that's on 40-50 year-old cars.

The ones that are worth anything are not FWD or as nichey as the Sentra.

yup, but if you have a 94 Supra Turbo, you are sitting on a gold mine like this one I happened to find because every-so-often I like to laugh at the crazy prices these cars go for:

800hp 1994 Supra Single Turbo 6spd White/Black (98 Exterior)

um yeah, $44k for a 94?


You can buy a 94 Turbo Porsche for less (that's the even scarier part IMHO)
2010-10-29 03:14:01
Originally Posted by Chris101
why? do you want the car?

Just curious dont get defensive .

Yeah supras are good money. Guranteed to bring it in if its clean.

2010-10-29 03:16:21
Originally Posted by Topdog781
You can buy mine right now for $3K. Pm me if interested.

after owning 2 used SE-Rs from Chicagoland (aka rust belt), I will never buy another rust belt B13 unless it is well documented (photo proof, storage receipts or something to clearly show proof) to have never seen winter and honestly has no rust anywhere. So is yours totally rust free? accident free? no sunroof? manual windows? NO RUST? ...and not just no visible rust from the outside but REALLY NO RUST! NO rusty bolts anywhere, no hint of rust starting anywhere? no rust bubbles in the obvious spots? spotless brake lines? core support? If I removed the front fenders, would I see rust?
2010-10-29 03:22:12
If you want a car that's going to be as spotless as you described, then I'd say go for the auto one because finding one in that condition is going to be close to impossible to find. If you're going into it as an investment, than I personally wouldn't do it but if you want a classic that you're going to have down the road for a while, I say go for it.
2010-10-29 13:10:24
unless I get climate controlled storage, it would rust once it got back here even without being used in winter (just that it wouldn't rust as quickly) but once it leaves the west, it will never be the same and it just isn't worth paying $180 a month for climate controlled storage so it won't be mine at $4k investment is the bottom line

We would prefer a nice 1999 g20t with sport cloth and 5spd as a daily driver more than a b13 in all honesty after having owned both and regretting the sale of the p11 more than the b13 when it comes down to it! (sold the 'rusty' but not bad rust YET b13 for $1600 which seems to be the going rate and it had way less than 100k miles too --- around 84k IIRC and no 5th gear pop out)... that rust just devalues stuff around here!!!
2010-10-29 13:45:56
^^^ good plan. I've never had a G20. I'm thinking I might come around, once my Civic's paid off.
2010-10-29 14:36:35
Would you be interested in a VE b14 still got the AC and has No rust at all GA car.
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