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Thread: 93 ser purchase dilemma insight needed

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2010-10-28 14:32:33
Oh ill be able to verify it all in person if I wanted so that part goes without saying that I would run away if something is amiss but it has been garaged its whole life with all original paint and clean carfax fwiw. The cruise control is a necessity on a long 2000 mile road trip imho. I go nuts just after an hour driving our 99 miata at highway speeds without cruise control. Btw the 4k investment is the same as shipping cost when you factor in hotel, food and fuel expenses
2010-10-28 14:43:35
personally i would go for it..it's a classic..and all b13's came with crank windows..besides the gxe and limited edition sedan versions..
2010-10-28 15:02:50
What's the purpose of the car to you? If it's a reliable daily driver then for that price I'd get a p11. Comfier, bigger, nicer, more creature comforts. If it's for auto-x then I'd stick with your miata or find a manual tranny SE-R. If it's for the pure joy of knowing you have one clean classic then go for it.

$4k for a 17 year old econo box seems crazy to me no matter what. But we all love these little guys and want to save and preserve every last one.
2010-10-28 15:35:10
Originally Posted by robj80

$4k for a 17 year old econo box seems crazy to me no matter what. But we all love these little guys and want to save and preserve every last one.

well said lol
2010-10-28 17:06:59
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
let the guy sit on it...he really wants to sell it he wouldd realize

yeah, I was thinking I'd look at it now, and then if he still won't take a lower offer (and we actually still want it), then I can play the wait game to see if it is still around thanksgiving week or between xmas and new years and get it then if we still want it... It would mean a 5 hour drive one way to see/get it at that point which is much nicer/easier to take than the idea of a separate flight to pay for just to fly out and get it later on.

The purpose of getting it would be multi-facteted:

1) enjoy as a summer daily driver (so have to wait to enjoy it locally)
2) be able to drive a b13 that is very well kept
3) resale at investment cost or more

and now thinking more about it and discussing with the hubby:

1) for a daily driver, would much rather have a nice p11 5spd when it comes down to nice daily driver in all honesty (99 g20t 5spd w/sport cloth we regret giving up would fit the bill nicely)

2) this would be fun but I've had b13s in the past so it wouldn't be a new experience either

3) let's face it, even local to here in chicago, it would be a long and difficult path trying to find someone who would be willing to pay $4k cash for a 1993 SE-R automatic

So unless the seller is willing to negotiate on price a bit (I'm thinking at least $500 to offset the cost which doesn't sound likely on the sellers part) then it is just too expensive for what it is!
2010-10-28 18:21:22
Originally Posted by Chris101
...The purpose of getting it would be multi-facteted:
...3) resale at investment cost or more

I don't think this will ever be true unless we're talking 30 years from now.

There are Japanese cars from the 60s that are still only worth $1000 or so in decent condition. And that's on 40-50 year-old cars.

The ones that are worth anything are not FWD or as nichey as the Sentra.
2010-10-28 18:41:11
yeah, I agree... I can ultimately see getting resale around $2k easily enough and MAYBE even $2500 but no one around here would pay more and anyone else willing to pay more would just come up the typical "oh, to bad you are so far away, if you can get it here, I'd pay 'x' but then if I drove it there, suddenly I'd get blown off or lowballed'

the one nissan/datsun that seems to get a nice amount still is the darn 240sx (thanks to fast and furious) and the classic 510 still can sell for up to $5k is what I have seen for a mint factory original that is unmolested without rust.

I made the mistake ONCE of driving to meet up with a buyer in Ohio (a 7 hour drive one way for me) only to be 100% stood-up at the meet up spot and then after waiting 2 hours there and leaving a 3rd message about how I've been waiting 2 hours for him to show I get a really nasty email 7 hours later once I'm back home saying he doesn't want to deal with anyone who has such a nasty tone of voice in the message I left.... well, gee, if you just drove 7 hours only to be blown off (or what seems like you are being blown off without even a phone call to say, sorry I'll be late or whatever.... wouldn't you have an upset tone of voice too leaving a 3rd voice mail 2 hours later?) <---mind you I was very careful about my word choice left in the voice mail and there was ZERO profanity and nothing but pure 'where are you' 'what is going on' 'can you please just call to tell me if you are running late or whatever' ---- funny how there was plenty of phone contact on my way there, days before, etc.

so yeah, driving to meet anyone to sell anything is something I will never do again.... now when I sell stuff, people have to come to me instead of expecting me to 'meet them part way' crap! I have driven up to 10 hours to buy something (a bumper cover in that case) but as a seller, it is my terms now!

and wow did I get off on a tangent there...

but yes, I agree, the bottom line is this car is too high priced ultimately for what it is and someone else can buy/enjoy it.
2010-10-28 19:14:06
and this is funny when I asked if seller would consider any movement at all on the price:

"Yep sorry firm on price if it was stick I would let it go cheaper but auto ill just keep it."
2010-10-28 19:21:00
Were is he located ?

2010-10-28 19:22:42
why? do you want the car?
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