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Thread: Piston in Caliper shattered

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2010-10-28 03:48:25
Piston in Caliper shattered
Yes, today I decided to change my rotors and brake pads on the front. I procede to pull my sentra into the garage and I apply the brakes once the car is in the garage and the pedal goes to the floor and I hear this weird crack/knock noise. (you know that gut feeling when your stomach falls to the floor?) well i got that thinking I for some reason had spun a bearring so I shut the car off. I get out and jack the car up and see a shit ton of clearish fluid under/around both front wheels....I pull the wheels and take the calipers loose from the hub and the piston on both calipers had busted and fell out.

I have never seen this happen before. I have heard of a piston going through a rotor but never the piston just cracking and/shattering.

I got new calipers and Im fixed again but wow lol....Anyways, I have new front brakes, rotors, and calipers...car stops very well now haha and have new brake fluid.

What do you guys think about this poop?
2010-10-28 16:53:14
today my clutch cable snapped on me...its great lol. blah blah blah
2010-10-28 18:23:33
I want pics of this piston carnage. That's some crazy odds!
2010-10-28 18:39:13
you must have been driving metal on metal with your brake pads. or possibly have nx brakes with standard se-r rotors. they are thinner iirc. so piston comes out. never seen them shatter though.

2010-10-29 02:14:37
yea it was crazy and my pads were ok...they were not to the metal but also werent awesome. I have nx fronts with nx rotors. It did piss me off but then again I was like holy shit this actually happend lol. The forum will not allow me to post attatchments for the pics.
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