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Thread: Other SR20 transmission options

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2010-10-25 18:09:34
Other SR20 transmission options
I know we have the B15 tranny,the P11 tranny,the 6spd spec v tranny option.Stock B13 & B14 tranny.

Anyone ever consider the 6 speed Sequential BTCC/TOCA FWD Gearbox?Rated for 221lbf ft tq.Anyone know what this gearbox can really handle?
Xtrac - 406 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car Gearbox
2010-10-25 18:13:24
Sweet,any idea where to get one and/or how much?
2010-10-25 18:21:01
Originally Posted by eggman
Sweet,any idea where to get one and/or how much?

There was a price posted on AOC sometime, can't remember if it was £15,000 or £20,000.
They are damn expensive though yo!
2010-10-25 18:41:20
The bellhousing is $500
The shifter is $195
The gearbox is $8000
All available btw.....
2010-10-25 18:51:24
221 lbft for 8000.00.
No thanks.It should be able to hold 1000 lbft for that!
Still badass though,no doubt.
Paired up with a BTCC race motor,it would be pretty fun....although way expensive.
Its fun to dream anyway...lol
2010-10-25 23:50:55
Ya the SpecV/Maxima trans is rated at a working 230lbs torque, but the Maxima makes more torque than that! Nissan still uses the RS6 trans in the Maxima, because it works and still doesn't have failures until over 400lb torque is constantly applied in a heavy ass car. The RS6 trans is the best bang for the buck, though the swap will STILL set you back around $3000. Unless you have a P10/P11. A P11/B15 swap would only cost about $2000 because you won't have to change brakes, pedals, steering knuckles etc. And cheap SpecV axles only cost around $50 a piece. That is a lot better than spending $500 for a special set of axles so you don't have to change everything else.
2010-10-26 01:14:03
If someone would just sell a hub that would accept the spec-v axles and press into the b13-14 bearing, with either 4x100 or 4x114.3 bolt pattern, that would simplify things quite a bit.
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