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Thread: Picked up some recaro's (pics inside) ..where to get seat brackets?..

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2010-10-23 22:47:24
Picked up some recaro's (pics inside) ..where to get seat brackets?..

2010-10-23 23:11:53
Those are dope. What did they come out of? Sorry, not much help as where to get rails.
2010-10-23 23:18:41
wedge engineering will make some. but aint cheap.
2010-10-23 23:19:23
Look like evo recaros! Nom nom nom!!!!

Best seats ever! Congrats dude, bet you're happy!
2010-10-24 00:07:35
Originally Posted by Cliff
Look like evo recaros! Nom nom nom!!!!

Best seats ever! Congrats dude, bet you're happy!

nahh, I think these are type r dc5 seats, either way they look great mocked up
2010-10-24 00:11:54
X2 on the dc5 either way they look great and they're pretty comfortable.
2010-10-24 00:36:07
Looks more like dc2 Recaros. For my Recaro, ive used oem rails and make them fit.
2010-10-24 00:42:50
No care WHAT they're out of. They're comfortable as shit and are SOLID for the money.

x2 on OEM rails and making them fit (ie: strip iron/alloy/whatever)
2010-10-24 00:44:09
Awesome Seats, I had to make a custom spacer to WEDGE bracket on my seat... RECARO SRD same as OEM JDM Honda Recaros

My Fav seat!
2010-10-24 00:45:53
I vote have Seal make you up a set of rails..........(he did make you a set of intercooler/induction pipes, correct??)

Depending on how tall you are, the wedge brackets (and most aftermarket brackets for that fact) sit the seats too high (I am 6'4 with fairly long legs..........)

The only "pain" might be getting the correct measurements and template...........But if you have any mechanical knowledge, using a set of stock rails and having the floor pan all mapped out, it should not be much of an issue.

For our rails, material and labor costs actually came out just a bit more expensive than aftermarket brackets and we got the seats mounted EXACTLY like we wanted (with sliders to boot!!). There was not fooling around with alignment issues, misaligned bolt holes, etc. And the fact that me and my bro are fairly tall people with long legs, in order for us to be comfortable, with enough room to heel and toe, not have our knees in a compromising position, this was the way we took. And we have never looked back

To note: a friend also got a set of brackets made up as well from a local place called Piper Motorsports.........But good luck trying to actually get an appointment and they are pretty expensive............But pretty much all the race car fabrications for cages, etc on the East Coast are piped through them.............And my God, on this part of the hemisphere, there work is (literally) second to none!! Most if not all the spec miata guys (and there are 100s on this coast) get their cages done there (ahhh, enough of the shameless plug.............sorry )
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