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Thread: need help, i have isues at 5200rpms

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2010-10-03 19:41:46
need help, i have isues at 5200rpms
hi guys, this its my problem, my car doenst pull any hard at 5200 rpms for a second, then starts to pull again. this began, the last week, it was raining here in town, since that day my car doesnt pull hard like it didi´t before just when the tach get´s the 5200-5500 rpms stops pulling and then again pulls untill 6000 rpms, here i dont fell any power it seems to hard to past over 6200rpms

im runing a basic t25 setup, with new plugs ngk bkr7 gapped at 0.28, timing its setted at 15degree ant the tps values are 0.48 at idle and 4.2 wot.

i wonder if the dizzy cover and rotor in bad shape could be the one´s that produce the power decrease at that rpms. before this issue appears every time when i pres the pedal to the flor in 1st and 2nd gears, the rpms use to eat the tach to the redline.

i´m so sad, because of this failure i was beated by a 2010 passat 2.0T

i´m runing 7psi of boost
2010-10-05 00:09:16
what fuel pump? if stock.. do not floor it anymore
2010-10-06 00:30:10
Originally Posted by HKS
what fuel pump? if stock.. do not floor it anymore

it´s a walbro 255lph.
just cleaned up the rotor, it has something like rust on it, now the car feels good, i´ll clean the injectors and change de fuel filter too.
2010-10-07 18:46:51
Sounds exactly like the problem i had with my MAF.

4500-6000rpm is where peak power and torque occur on this motor. My car had this weird dip in power right there until i cleaned my MAF. Then it livened up a HELL of a lot after cleaning it.

Rust on the rotor ?? wtf
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