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Thread: bad clutch sounds or cable torn?

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2010-09-30 17:26:50
Grease the hell out of the cable. Get a Miko tranny saver bracket.
2010-10-01 03:02:09
Originally Posted by rojeda1217
it was the cable dude. Thanks

no prob. One thing that I found helped lengthen the life of my clutch cables is the motor mounts. My front motor mount was like nonexistent for a while. My theory is that when the car would buck, the whole motor/tranny would lurch forward and stretch the cable. Then it would just be a matter of time until the cable broke.

So long story short, if you havent looked at your motor mounts in a while, check them out.
2010-10-01 11:11:13
When it comes to my mounts I have prothanes. Except for the rear mount.I'm running a stock clutch pp and flywheel.my pressure plate is bad and the clutch is getting there too.could that be the cause of premature snap?where could I get a grease gun at for cheap to shoot grease in the cable?tranny saver won't work.last time I changed my cable I needed a pry bar to move the clutch fork so I can connect cable.might change out the clutch pp Tob and flywheel. Next weekend.jwt clutch and pp oem tob fidanza flywheel.is the template on the flywheel already?or do. I have to buy separately.I have the flywheel the one for obd2 b14.baught new but have no clue how the flxplate looks.
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