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Thread: car won't start-no fuel pressure

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2010-09-30 00:02:19
Disconnect the fuel lines, take a small bucket, put the fuel lines in there then prime it and see if fuel is coming out of the main line (not return).

If it is then your rail/injectors are the problem. Pop them out one by one and check for dirt etc.
2010-09-30 00:11:33
its your dizzy
2010-09-30 03:46:08
Originally Posted by steve
Next im gonna hard wire the fp to the battery, both + and -, and cut the stock wires for now too see if that makes a difference. d

This i would recommend against. The pump is turning on and off like it should, don't go messing with it.
2010-10-04 22:46:47
Originally Posted by bgreen
its your dizzy

how did you come to that conclusion? The dizzy has nothing to do with low fuel pressure, and im getting good spark.
2010-10-04 22:52:14
cause it happened to me in my g20..changed fuel filter..checked all injectors...checked fuel pump....pissed me off to the point i gave up...my boy got the g20....changed the dizzy...and it worked lol idk just throwing out ideas...we got spark all across...
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