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Thread: car won't start-no fuel pressure

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2010-09-28 20:30:08
car won't start-no fuel pressure
So yesterday while i was driving my car(92 nx2000), it felt like it was running out of gas. So i put gas in it and it wouldnt run right. It had a hard time starting, and would die out after i let off the gas. Popped the hood and the FP guage was reading 12-15psi. Said f*ck it for the night and went home. It was dark, i had no light or tools.
Came back today with tools to diagnose. Now it has no fuel pressure, barely starts sometimes then sputters and dies out right away. Still cant find the problem 6 hrs. later. Heres what ive done so far:
Started at motor working towards tank checking everything mechanically fuel related.
-Changed out nismo AFPR for stock FPR.
-Pulled fuel filter and did a blow through test-little bit if resistance but seems good
-pulled pump and it primes up.
-tried a b14 pump, primes up but still no start. Obviously the B14 pump is not the same, but all the connections are and i just layed it in the tank with the sock submersed.
-swapped out the fuel pump relay. Pulled the relay and the fuel pump wouldnt even prime so i know its good.
-checked fuel pump fuse.
-added more gas just to be sure it wasnt the issue

Any ideas? Ive searched the forum, checked my chiltons(no FSM). Still wont run. Oh, BTW, my 02 sensor isnt hooked up. I put a new header on like 3 weeks ago and havent extended the wires yet because it seemed to run fine without it.
2010-09-28 20:46:12
Let me get this straight. You have low or no fuel pressure but the pump and lines check out okay and the FPR has been swapped for another one?
Sounds like a leaky injector or two. But I guess it could be something else. That's my best guess.
Maybe follow the diagnostic steps in the downloadable FSM.
2010-09-28 20:48:14
Are you sure the fuel lines are connected correctly? Basically the one with the fuel filter and gauge should not be going into the FPR directly.

I've started a car with the lines inverted, just wouldn't run too well or have good fuel pressure.

Also get a Nissan FSM for your car here.
2010-09-28 20:55:06
return line goes to the regulator. feed line goes to the rail. Thanks for the fsm link. Ill check out the injectors.
2010-09-28 20:58:11
Theres no B13 listing in the link? Are you serious?!

NVM, had to scroll down
2010-09-28 21:07:07
do you have a fuel pressure gauge? id say bad fp
2010-09-28 21:18:19
Yes. No fuel pressure, very little if anything. Tried another fp
2010-09-28 21:53:14
Actually, it's weird, and it might be related but about a month ago all of a sudden it started popping fuel pump fuses while i was driving. It popped 4-5 fuses until all of sudden it didnt pop the last one. Never happened before, never happened since. weird
2010-09-28 23:50:29
You probably have a short then, see if the wire under the seat is fine. Might have been crimped by the seat.
2010-09-29 23:37:30
today i hooked my fuel pressure guage straight to the pump. Its putting out 60psi during prime, then drops to 40, this is with the line dead ended at the guage. Also the pump is getting 12V during prime, and then drops to 0. then its only getting 10psi at the rail(i can hear the pump prime). I swapped the rubber hose between the pump and the metal line on the feed side with a new hose. still nothing. Checked the injectors-all at 11.2ohms. bypassed the filter also. Next im gonna hard wire the fp to the battery, both + and -, and cut the stock wires for now too see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, im pretty stumped, and pretty screwed
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