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Thread: check this beast out

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2010-09-27 14:50:22
I wonder if with that "drift style" body kit, its able to do some dorifto

Thats the worst front bumper I have seen in a long time... And here in Costa Rica Im used to see some weird shit but that is taking rice to another level
2010-09-27 16:03:56
That thing would be awesome up north to scoop the snow off the road with the front bumper...haha
2010-09-27 16:10:33
yeah the bad thing is is he will prob get that for it. theres alot of spoiled kids around here that have parents who buy anything they want, and its got a body kit. theres a high school kid around here with an srt4, and another with a mini cooper s. but he should put snow plow on the description
2010-09-27 17:11:52
The thing isnt the money to buy it, the thing is if someone is stupid enough to pay that much for that piece of crap
2010-09-27 18:14:04
dont make fun of b14 4 door 1.6's!

except for this one..lol
2010-09-27 18:16:03
Originally Posted by justin2386
dont make fun of b14 4 door 1.6's!

except for this one..lol

put on a "body kit", and wheels like that and I will make fun everyday all day long...
DId you look how ugly that shit looks?
2010-09-27 18:20:35
read my ENTIRE post lol
2010-09-27 18:28:37

That white letter is almost imposible to see, I didnt catch it the first time, I had to select all so it was on black background to see it haha

PS: That reminded me I left my eyeglasses at home
2010-09-28 04:09:25
that was the point..lol
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