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Thread: Look what I found today...

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2010-09-27 03:11:14
Originally Posted by Viprdude
Your buddy is pretty late to the party...

He usually is... This is a good find and I hope you can work it out to bring it home.
2010-09-27 14:07:20
not bad
2010-09-27 16:54:35
LOL im here looking for a cat stuck somewhere
2010-09-27 17:03:50
Originally Posted by vqman
nice find, i see why you gotta keep things under wraps up in the Northeast.. if I posted something about a craigslist car in KC or Tulsa, no one else but me would be looking to buy it..

Wrong. I'd be cutting you off at the pass...........

You know a vehicle has not moved in a while when the suspension has cobwebs on it.
2010-09-27 18:39:49
How much are you getting it for?
2010-09-28 02:21:42
Nice find Kyle . Better hide that from stratton it's got his name all over it .
2010-09-28 03:05:41
My biggest concern is, the car has not been dirven, or maybe even moved in two years. I can only assume the car has dozens of other issues. It is not like it was driven tow weeks ago and the guy wants to sell it. He let it sit for years. A lot of problems can occur in that time period from a car, just sitting.
2010-09-28 03:49:12
Originally Posted by tsuruser
Nice find Kyle . Better hide that from stratton it's got his name all over it .

Ive seen this car, about two weeks ago. Ive had two electric blue nxs and 4 nxs total. If im going to get another it has to be as clean or cleaner then mine. Funny u mention my name though .

2010-09-29 02:41:34
I am not going to buy this. It was really nice to go and see an NX2000 and be able to check it out. I never have seen one in person, up close like I was able to.

They do not want to budge at all on the price so if anyone wants this, bring $650 cash and it is all yours. Enjoy it and I truly hope that nothing else is wrong with it.

I cannot take a chance on anything right now in my life. And this would be a rather large financial chance that I cannot afford to take.

If anyone has any questions about anything, let me know. I took many pics of the car and I tore it apart form front to back as well as I could.
2010-09-29 22:47:43
Edit saw the list on the first post .. shoot me the phone # if you have it kyle ! also whats the reason why it needs a new motor ?
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