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Thread: Look what I found today...

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2010-09-26 21:53:25
Look what I found today...
blue nx2000 pictures by viprdude - Photobucket

What is wrong with this car, or at least, as far as I saw and I was told....
-It needs a new front windshield
-It needs a new engine
-It needs new front tires
-The hatch lifters do not work. Hatch needs to be propped up
-There is a nice amount of inner rust on the RH rear shock tower. There is a hole there.
-The trans is leaking fluid
-Small dents, dings, scrapes, rust cancer, etc...it is not a good condition body that is for sure but it is not bad also
-bolts and nuts are missing from random spots all over the car. he could not explain this well or into an idea that made sense to me
-rear deck is missing

Onto the good!
-hatch seals well
-the interior carpet is in great condition, a little dusty, but good
-the t-tops seal
-i could not smell anything weird inside the car
-the brakes and wheels were spray painted some shiny silver "to preserve them"
-he claimed that the coolant and oil DID NOT mix, judgin by the puke tank and what i saw in the rad, that is correct
-the suspension felt good from me rocking it side to side and up and down on all four corners
-lots of meat on the brake pads
-new clutch less than 3,000 miles
-the spare, jack, and OEM tools are all present and accounted for
-i have an autocheck for the car also every bit of the autocheck is what the person told me so i strongly believe the vehicle history in this car is true. it really has only been driven for 109,XXX miles

Let me know if you cannot view this album. You guys should be able to view it.

2010-09-26 22:12:19
Looks dope
2010-09-26 22:23:16
I love the electric blue
2010-09-26 23:38:56
you just get this on craigs? My friend was looking at buying this car i believe.

edit** yup that it...good find if you did buy it..
2010-09-26 23:43:09
Soo did you buy it???
2010-09-27 00:14:25
nice find, i see why you gotta keep things under wraps up in the Northeast.. if I posted something about a craigslist car in KC or Tulsa, no one else but me would be looking to buy it..
2010-09-27 00:18:24
im working out logistics currently. keep back vultures!
2010-09-27 00:20:31
lol...work fast..I just told my buddy and showed him pics
2010-09-27 00:22:18
that's a lot of money for a car with a bad motor IMO.. I could have picked up a 1992 525i from a friend for free, but he's otherwise selling it for $500.

I didn't take it off his hands because I don't want another project aside from my Sentra, unless its an FJ60.

EDIT: and the Bimmer doesn't need a windshield either..
2010-09-27 02:23:25
Originally Posted by tomas527
lol...work fast..I just told my buddy and showed him pics

Your buddy is pretty late to the party...
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