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Thread: $4.95 shifter bushing

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2010-09-26 17:33:10
$4.95 shifter bushing
I was bored and started looking random things up, is this the same kit that greg v sells, i didnt know it had the bracket piece, and at $4.95 thats a deal


should I go for it, its only $4.95 anyway
55 views, no one has one on their car? Or even seen that before?
2010-09-28 21:41:53
Edited first post and title
2010-09-28 23:20:58
it LOOKS like it would work.. but hard to say.. i know thats the first i've seen of it, an the price is nice.. why dont you buy it an try it out an do a product review?
2010-09-28 23:30:09
I'm not sure that's the right part number. I'll be back on this one.
2010-09-28 23:33:11
well part number or not it LOOKS like it would work, the shape is pretty close to the stock one.. the big round one on the left looks like its for the stabilizer bar that attatches near the tranny
2010-09-29 23:40:42
That I can agree on. and for 4.95, its hard to pass up...
2010-09-29 23:46:48
No that's not the same thing Greg sells I don't think or even the same thing we've all bought in the past (which that site does have available).

Both pieces look like they would work though. Keep in mind you're going to have to re-use all your metal stuff and your current sleeves might be hard to recover from their rubber parts.
The normal price for the front bushing is $5 and the typical rear has to be bought in pairs of two so someone usually has one for sale for $10 or so.
2010-09-29 23:56:41
i got mine from greg (the basic sway bar style one) for like 20 bux kinda wish i had shopped around on that to be honest.. but i turned around an sold it to my friend for what i paid for it cause he needed it WAYYY more then i did haha..
2010-09-30 00:07:43
yeah they will fit & work perfect,i have it on my car. I just bought it from pepboys n also got the sway bar kit front & rear (the big & small bushings) car & shifter is alot stiffer n made a heck of a diffrens. You do got to reuse the metals though just like you would when you do the motor mounts..
2010-09-30 00:09:52
is it a pain in the ass to do?
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