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Thread: car wont start need HELP

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2010-09-24 23:25:27
car wont start need HELP
The car won't start its not reaching fuel to the injectors put a new pump & still nothing I check under the car to see if I pinch a gas line but nothing what should I do?
2010-09-24 23:38:16
check fuse?
2010-09-24 23:51:01
I checked the fuses & relay the pump turns on but no fuel to the front
2010-09-25 12:24:01
clogged fuel filter?
2010-09-25 13:36:09
are the fuel lines backwords?`
2010-09-25 15:14:44
id say either fuel pump or fuel filter problem if your fuel pump is coming on and the fuel isnt reaching the injectors.
2010-09-26 15:28:11
Well the pump is new the filter is new & the lines are good the fpr is the return right? I test the pump in the tank & its pumping but when I put everthing back together the fuel is not reaching the injectors
2010-09-26 16:05:46
i would switch the lines around on the rails and see if that solves your problem
2010-09-26 16:16:52
what i would do is pull the fuel pump fuse, crank all the fuel out of the line (if the fuel pump is working) put the fuse back in and get a bucket and pull the fuel lines and see if any fuel comes out of the fuel lines. if it does then go from there.

you dont have a fuel pressure gauge right?
2010-09-26 16:51:35
No I don't have a gauge yet
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