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Thread: Marvels mystery oil

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2010-09-20 20:06:12
Marvels mystery oil
I was helping a friend with his build and I went to take a nap came back he was adding marvles mystery oil to his oil....because the engine did not start up for 6 months. I promptly told him to drain that stuff before starting the engine. Now I am curious has anyone ever used Marvels mystery oil with a turbo charged vehicle? would it be fine for him to run that shit?
2010-09-20 20:23:06
At the auto parts store I worked at the junk yard would buy cases and cases of thats stuff at a time when selling used cars. After they closed down we don't sell much of it anymore. I'd rather put lucas but I don't run any oil additives in my cars except for seafoam.
2010-09-20 20:33:55
Marvels Mystery is good stuff for one thing. That is getting rid of sticky rings.

If you have a motor that sat for too long just poor some in each cylinder via the spark plugs. Dont be afraid to put in too much as too much is better than too little. Let it sit for a vew hours, then turn the motor over with the spark plugs out to get rid of the oil that did not pass through the rings or sitting ontop of the pistons. Make sure to put a towel over the valve cover so you dont have oil everywhere.

Put car back together and start.

Putting Marvels Mystery oil in the oil is a waste of time.
2010-09-20 23:20:31
^^ That is exactly what I use it for
2010-09-21 00:34:05
Andreas made a thread about this awhile back.
2010-09-21 02:06:56
Originally Posted by Keo
Andreas made a thread about this awhile back.

I had no idea bro.....I'll be sure to look that up.
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